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    ROTS Clearance Findings.

    Found $4.00 figures at 2 different Wal-Marts in MacArthur and Beckley, WV, I got,

    #6 Shock Trooper
    #41 Clone Trooper
    Black Clone Pilot (x2)
    Mustafar Sentry (x2)
    Neimoidian Commander

    Didn't have much left, mostly,

    Neimoidian Warriors
    Neimoidian Commanders
    Bail Organa
    Chancellor Palpatines
    Mon Mothmas
    Regular Clone Pilots

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    I grabbed a C-3PO for $2.50 at Target. I was looking for the cups, but the only two I've seen have been Han and Obi-Wan. Another Target had the TIE fighter for $28.

    My wife said she saw Bail Organa for $4 at Walmart, also.

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    I know some people might consider this a s**t move, but three days before Christmas I went into WM and stuck a ton of figures on lay-a-way. I wil lget them out in a couple of weeks when the clearance price drops to a few bucks a pop on them.

    I also grabbed a #14 palps, mon mothma and a 2 pack of sabers from Target for a total of ten bucks....
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