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    Oh Yeah, it's like - 2006. Um, happy new year?

    Jeez. another year. WHEN WILL ALL THIS CALENDER CHANGING STOP DUDE! It's like you just get used to doing the number on the checks and then BLAMMO! you gotta change your brain and start doing like a whole new number. Like whatever! stick with one number and make it easier ok. I don't have time to be remembering stuff over and over. It's like some numbers are good ones and some are really lame. like 2000 was a good one. I liked that number but now i gotta start remembering all these extra end numbers? Who thinks this crud up? Get a grip!

    It's not like anything changed already. Are we supposed to be grateful it's a new year or something? I mean all those guys out there in the freezing arctic partying and getting all freaked out and making a holy show of themselves in front of like REAL people, it's just sad. like get a grip dude! For shame!

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    Nice twist on the proverbial "Happy New Year" thread, Jargo!

    Being somewhat of an obsessive compulsive, I'm gonna hate writting '06 on everything, since '05 was such a nice number (I prefer things to be divisible by 5). Also, no matter how hard I think about it, I'll write '05 on everything until about mid-February.

    At any rate, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Happy New Year everyone. In the words of Grandpa Simpson "I'm afraid of the future"
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    Do not fear the future, it is always on it's way, but never arrives, for once it get's here it is the present.

    Happy New Year!
    May the force be with you.

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    You can't escape it...

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]HAPPY NEW YEAR!!![/FONT]
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    Happy New Year
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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Happy 2006![/FONT] Party til the Star Wars figures find a home!

    I just returned from my New Years celebration. 3 couples, and me.
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    Happy New Year everyone, I hope this year is great for everyone.

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    "Does it only go up one?"



    "Only 'one' dear..."
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