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    HUrraY! I ran a whole 3 miles this week. Oh well.. At least I started, and its better than nothing.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    So, what're you all going to:

    - do,
    - not do,
    - do less of,
    - say you'll do/not do/do less of but give up on
    - flat-out lie about

    ... for 2008?
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    So, what're you all going to:

    - do,
    - not do,
    - do less of,
    - say you'll do/not do/do less of but give up on
    - flat-out lie about

    ... for 2008?
    - do, buy toys
    - not do, lose weight
    - do less of, buy toys
    - say you'll do/not do/do less of but give up on-lose weight
    - flat-out lie about-buy toys and lose weight....

    heh heh, hmm, I see a trend here, .

    Seriously though I would like to loose weight and buy less toys. Save money (Not just save on buying toys, but actually have money in the bank beyond my paycheck to paycheck funds).
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    Move along, move along

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    My New Year resolution is 1280x800.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo1138 View Post
    My resolution is to be an awesome Dad when my wife pops out the twins in May or June!
    Chairman Meow is quite proud of your success to date.

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    Hey, what do you know, I fulfilled all three of my "resolutions," even though I later re-edited my movie and had to take down all my figures. So now I'm probably going to die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Chairman Meow is quite proud of your success to date.
    Except that our kids were so excited to meet the exalted one that they decided to show up two months too early.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Nothing wrong with getting a head start in life, I applaud their ambition and dedication to the future improvement of Mother Mitten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    My New Year resolution is 1280x800.
    Geometric humor is 1-4-U-2-B-O-K. I laughed 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 times at that one, Chux.

    In the year 2008 I will* resolve to:

    - be more "spiritual" (can't go into specifics without turning this into a Rancor Pit thread).
    - take less obsession and time with my job, beyond expected levels.
    - really work on my book. Seriously.
    - still try to read 30+ books this summer (maybe break the 10,000 page barrier this time )
    - look into a Masters program
    - travel out of the area at least once

    ['Will' connotes an attempt at certainty and not an expressed contractual intent to guarantee certainty. Not valid in California if voided by lethargy and/or dismissal of said terms]
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    1. Quit smoking (again)

    2. Party more, and be a more social animal.

    3. Travel more and see more places.

    4. Find a significant other that likes the things I like (give or take)

    5. Thin out my collection of toys and keep only the ones I really like.

    6. Possibly sell my house and move to a different part of the U.S.

    7. Make a living (or more money) at playing in a Rock Band (getting close)

    8. Go to school and finish learning Graphic Arts & Design (especially desktop publishing, website design, computer graphics etc.) already 2 years+ non-computer graphic design under my belt.

    9. Be a proficiant keyboard sythesizer programer player or possible guitar-synth interface instead to get the job done.

    There's probably more but that's all I can think of right now.
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