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    What are your New Year resolutions?

    Well lets see...
    1. Start running daily again (Im not fat or over weight, I just havent ran like I used to in awhile)
    2. Stop bitc#ing ( I complain a lot about school )
    3. Paint more
    4. Make an effort to do homework ealrier, so I can go to bed at a semi decent time
    5. Spend less money on SW that I dont want (mainly not buying fig rehashes, choppers, transformers.. ect.)

    I think five is enough to tackle for now. How bout you guys?
    hurray for birthdays!

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    1. Stop smoking for good this time.
    2. Score a 300 on my PT test.
    3. Call family and friend more often.
    May the force be with you.

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    I dont make resolutions. I will never carry through with them. I do what I feel like through out the year, so if I quit smoking, it isnt because it went from December to January.
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    it's called finish what i started.
    get out of debt.
    go back to college.
    finish my book, actually the stories could become one long book.
    save to go to film school. i have a great idea for a horror movie.
    love life, appreciate what is here now,tell people how you feel.

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    Get my movie done before the SW Fan Film deadline.
    Get all my SW figures and stuff onto their proper shelving units before too long.
    Don't die.
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    I have 2:
    1 - Punch people that make New Years resolutions.
    2 - Continue to kick ***.
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    No more New Years eve (afternoon) car crashes, 2nd time in the last two years, no driving for mama & I what so ever on that day next year. Thank god she's alright & thank god this is the only insurance claim out of the two.

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    1) I resolve to exercise more myself--just like mastermatt said, I too ran like crazy but because of time issues, I have given up running and now I get winded easily.

    2) Read more--I go to bed at night reading the same old crap that I have read ten times over. I have tons of books I have just bought from a Media Play store clearance and now I resolve to read them.

    3) Plan ahead--I am such a procrastinator it is not even funny. Things though always get done, and I have been getting better at budgeting time, but I have a lot of room for improvement.

    4) Move out--Now that I have a career in the field I have chosen, I no longer need to depend on Mom & Dad for living quarters. I love them dearly, they don't mind having me stay, but at 25, you've feel like you worn out your welcome.
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    I'm going to post them as I think of them.

    RESOLUTION ONE: clean house. Today is Jan 1st. There are 10 or 11 "areas" in my 2 bedroom apartment to clean. If I do one per day, I will have this done in about 12 days (including cleaning my Cherokee one of those days).

    Today I have already completed most of my guest bathroom. It is antiseptically clean, as I had maid-service cover my whole place, but I am also organizing and eliminating extra stuff from all of my cabinets.

    I get to play with some of my toys while I'm at it, because 2 installments to my collection were stored in extra cabinet space there:

    1) Escape from the Human Resistance scene from Terminator Salvation. My rare Warthog jet from that collection provides cover as Blair and Marcus make their escape from Connor's base, with Connor and Barnes in pursuit. I was setting this simple display up to see if I could use the Desert Attack GI Joe battlepack to augment my Resistance troops, but they are larger than the Terminator figures and I should not buy them. (Terminator figures are the same size as SW figures, but Joes actually came out larger - maybe 3 7/8")

    2) Battle at the Pyramids from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - I'm doing this again with HotWheels, Matchbox, Tailwinds, and mainly Transformers RPMs. I've opened the Autobots thus far, including a Tailwinds SR-71 to stand in for Jetfire. Looks great! They're just on my bathroom countertop, but I like the way they all look together, loose and out of the packages. I'm going to open the Decepticons in a little bit. I've augmented their RPM ranks with Tailwinds and Matchbox as well - that way I have all the Constructicons and a better scaled Starscream.


    I weigh about 163 right now. I want to go back to 156. When I got my bad kidneys removed, I went down to 153, had no appetite while I was healing, dropped to 151, then came back to level out at 156 when I'm working out regularly. So I need to lose 7lbs. That can come off in only a few days.

    RESOLUTION TWO: To keep up with my fitness program. I will start Sunday. Because of my hernia surgery, I am only allowed on the eliptical right now (and I'll do calf raises to strengthen those), but my doctor doesn't want me going back to my full routine until February when I have a one-year-anniversary check-up from my kidney transplant. But the eliptical is what really does work you out and take off weight. I also do the stationary bike, but the sitting will hurt my hernia while it heals right now, so - February. However, the weight goal can be met. I just can't start getting "buff" again until February.

    RESOLUTION THREE: I will also get a job. My BA is finished (economics and political science), but I am conflicted. Maybe you guys can help?

    I'd like to work where I could be happy and have excitement and fun on the job, and meet a lot of young ladies. My serious political ambitions are on hold indefinitely right now. San Diego is bankrupt, and our state and country don't look to be in good shape either. My liberal, social-capitalist political values may not be achieveable (good luck President Obama) right now, so I can concentrate on other things.

    I certainly need to finish my novel - the story is complete and it has been professionally edited. I have to make the changes the editor wants, then have it re-reviewed (whereas hopefully it will be in publishing form), then send letters out with synopsies like crazy, hitting up my contacts I made at the writers' conventions I've gone to, in order to get this thing finally published. It takes a long time to get into the 19th Century mindset. I can't take 20/21st century conveniences for granted. If I needed supplies, I'd have to at least think about getting them on horseback and defending myself with a six-shooter if necessary - not making calls on my cellphone or ordering on the internet.

    I also need time to work in my storage, as I'm paying for a 3rd unit right now just so I can have space to re-package and inventorize my collection. How many more Republic Fighter Tank Drivers do I need? Super Battle Droids? Are they packed right so I know what "thematic rooms" they'll eventually be delivered to? When I work, the goal will be to eventually buy a house. The house is to set up my collection.

    So advancing to a job that will allow me to afford that is the longterm goal, but right now I also need to establish a work-history again, and demonstrate I'm reliable to hire.

    Bartending might do that and let me meet some ladies. That was my idea from the get-go for going to bartending school.

    I'm also applying for positions with the Padres, as I love baseball and know a lot of people in San Diego's organization. That might make for a work environment I'm very happy to be a part of.

    But I've recovered from my surgeries, and it's time to get back into the work-world.

    Sith_Killer99 - my father enlisted in the Navy to get his college money. My family was very poor during the Depression and early post-WWII years. He liked military service and stayed on reserves while he went to college after his tour enlisted. Then he went to OCS. He stayed in until he made Commander, but my mom made him get out of serving on ships so he'd be home once I'd made my appearance. That didn't work out the way she planned though.

    Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. Thankfully 2009 is gone and with it perhaps the bad luck that seemed to close out the decade.
    2009 was actually a year of good luck and great progress for me. I originally logged on to start a thread about that. 2010 should be much better, but I will look back fondly at 2009, as it was a milestone year in my life - and why I'm even alive to see 2010!
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    Well, I was 155 lbs when I joined the Army out of High School. Went up to 165 lbs after basic training, I was pretty solid back then, still pretty solid, Army life. However, I went up to 170-175 for many years. When I was in Afghanistan I was right at 170 lbs and still wanted to drop about 5 lbs.

    Then I got home and the wife got pregnant and I went up to about 180 lbs. so I feel a little down about my current weight. Don't get me wrong 180 lbs for a guy 5'9" isn't bad (I'm well under the Army standard), but I REALLY want to tone up. I'm still pretty solid as I do a lot of PT, but need to focus on more cardio.

    The plan is to hit the eliptical machine 1 hour per day (on top of my regular PT schedule), which should get me where I want to be in no time.

    I always thought I would stay on the enlisted side of the military, I love it so much. However, I have come to the conclusion that I really want to be in a better position to make a bigger impact. I get a little tired of listening to young officers who have no idea what they are doing and won't listen when you try to point them in the right direction. I have no doubt that my experience would make me a much better officer than most of the ones I work with every day.

    Tycho, in terms of your political career, I would recommend going to work as a political adviser. Stay out of the ring, but help other with their agenda, help officials to get elected, etc. The other option would be to go to work as a lobbyist. That would give you an opportunity to advocate for something you believe in and develop a real sense of accomplishment.

    I recommend the NRA!

    Oh, and finish that novel, I am dying to read it!!!
    May the force be with you.


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