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    What are your New Year resolutions?

    Well lets see...
    1. Start running daily again (Im not fat or over weight, I just havent ran like I used to in awhile)
    2. Stop bitc#ing ( I complain a lot about school )
    3. Paint more
    4. Make an effort to do homework ealrier, so I can go to bed at a semi decent time
    5. Spend less money on SW that I dont want (mainly not buying fig rehashes, choppers, transformers.. ect.)

    I think five is enough to tackle for now. How bout you guys?
    hurray for birthdays!

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    1. Stop smoking for good this time.
    2. Score a 300 on my PT test.
    3. Call family and friend more often.
    May the force be with you.

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    I dont make resolutions. I will never carry through with them. I do what I feel like through out the year, so if I quit smoking, it isnt because it went from December to January.
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    it's called finish what i started.
    get out of debt.
    go back to college.
    finish my book, actually the stories could become one long book.
    save to go to film school. i have a great idea for a horror movie.
    love life, appreciate what is here now,tell people how you feel.

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    Get my movie done before the SW Fan Film deadline.
    Get all my SW figures and stuff onto their proper shelving units before too long.
    Don't die.
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    I have 2:
    1 - Punch people that make New Years resolutions.
    2 - Continue to kick ***.
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    No more New Years eve (afternoon) car crashes, 2nd time in the last two years, no driving for mama & I what so ever on that day next year. Thank god she's alright & thank god this is the only insurance claim out of the two.

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    1) I resolve to exercise more myself--just like mastermatt said, I too ran like crazy but because of time issues, I have given up running and now I get winded easily.

    2) Read more--I go to bed at night reading the same old crap that I have read ten times over. I have tons of books I have just bought from a Media Play store clearance and now I resolve to read them.

    3) Plan ahead--I am such a procrastinator it is not even funny. Things though always get done, and I have been getting better at budgeting time, but I have a lot of room for improvement.

    4) Move out--Now that I have a career in the field I have chosen, I no longer need to depend on Mom & Dad for living quarters. I love them dearly, they don't mind having me stay, but at 25, you've feel like you worn out your welcome.
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    I plan to concoct a scheme by which I will be paid for using the bathroom.
    That's my jacket!

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    I plan to:

    1. Start going to the gym (hell I've got two free sources. The base gym and my apartment complex.)
    2. Try and get a damn tan.
    3. Get rich or die tryin'
    4. Maybe buy a new car.

    Not really a resolution on the last one but more of a motivational thing.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!


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