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    Oh, you sad pathetic little man

    From Yahoo! News:

    Roth says Van Halen reunion 'inevitable'

    NEW YORK (Billboard) - Reuniting the original Van Halen lineup is just a matter of time, according to former vocalist David Lee Roth.

    "I talked to the drummer (Alex Van Halen) about a week ago," the band's former lead singer told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. "And I think, eventually, the inevitable will happen."

    "It definitely won't be rockers with walkers," he added, seemingly indicating that a reunion is in the near, as opposed to distant, future. "Getting onstage and singing 'Dance the Night Away' -- let me tell you how difficult that isn't going to be."
    Of course, if Eddie does let his punk arse back in, it begs the question: "Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"

    I'm just waiting for the follow-up album with Gary.
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    Van Hallen will just go on tour with all three of those goons.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    I don't know, Michael Anthony was out promoting his barbaque sauce, but maybe Eddie has to raise some more money because of his divorce, and his wife getting 1/2 of what he had.
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    Yeah Dave is a pompous ***, like most lead singers that I know. But it's showbiz ya know. I would go see them, just to see Eddie back in action. It would be interesting to observe any tension on the stage if any. Most Van Halen fans I know want to see the original line-up again. Some rumors I have heard say they kicked out Gary Sharron for being gay? (not that there's anything wrong with it) I thought it was poor record sales. Funny how rumors have a life of their own.

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    Van Halen III is actually my favorite VH album. That's partly because Gary kept a low profile and let Eddie do his thang and the album's got some of the best guitar work he's done in years. And it's partly because those songs don't get played ad nauseum until you're sick of them.

    I've never heard that rumor about Gary; I wonder if it's p***ed-off mullet-wearin' fanboys spreading that because they're homophobes? I don't know or care who (or what) he prefers, but I can see a lot of VH fans making an issue of it.

    I used to prefer the older Roth stuff, but the Hagar songs sound better every time I hear them. And Sammy hasn't been making an arse out of his fat arse for several years now, either.
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    Every two or three years VH needs the publicity, so they draw straws to see if it's gonna be Dave or Sammy this time around. Like times past, nothing will come of this because DLR is an a**hole and Eddie, Alex and Micheal won't put up with it (again). Way to further yourself (again) from being the best rock group ever.

    This thread got me laughing because I thought of the "Family Guy" where Peter referred to Eddie's ex-wife as "Valerie Bertandernie".
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.


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