From Yahoo! News:

Roth says Van Halen reunion 'inevitable'

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Reuniting the original Van Halen lineup is just a matter of time, according to former vocalist David Lee Roth.

"I talked to the drummer (Alex Van Halen) about a week ago," the band's former lead singer told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. "And I think, eventually, the inevitable will happen."

"It definitely won't be rockers with walkers," he added, seemingly indicating that a reunion is in the near, as opposed to distant, future. "Getting onstage and singing 'Dance the Night Away' -- let me tell you how difficult that isn't going to be."
Of course, if Eddie does let his punk arse back in, it begs the question: "Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"

I'm just waiting for the follow-up album with Gary.