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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Maybe it only plays songs by "Meatloaf", no? Was it a ex Wal-Mart employee, or an ex Sony employee? The meat looks fresh, so I would assume it was the former.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett
    Maybe it only plays songs by "Meatloaf", no?
    Or maybe the Meat Puppets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LusiferSam
    Or maybe the Meat Puppets.
    Or something involving Courtney Love.
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    The other story on there about the Elmo book asking "Who wants to die?" is creepy. Hilarious. But creepy.
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    Heh, raw meat. That had to take some time to do the switch. I don't see how the employee thought he or she would get away with it.

    My aunt worked for Service Merchandise where the service desk clerks processed a portable stereo return after Christmas without opening and inspecting it. When the box was opened later they found a brick inside.
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    I used to watch Local 6 all the time when I lived in FL,they report some crazy stories. Pretty smart with the raw meat though,you can get the weight similar to the iPods if you wanted.

    The Elmo story is scarier. The potty will attack
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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJediGirl
    Pretty smart with the raw meat though,you can get the weight similar to the iPods if you wanted.
    My roommate and myself were just talkin' about this and he brought up the weight issue. It never dawned on me about weighing the iPods before shipping to ensure that they are actually in the packaging and putting meat in there would give the impression of an iPod being in there instead. Pretty clever if you ask me.
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    but Why not Chili instead?
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