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    Count Dooku Epi. III .45 scaled saber

    Is there any difference between this saber and the episode II saber? If anyone knows please let me know.

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    From what I've seen, aside from the box, they're the same. (I don't have one of each in front of me though...)

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    We'll need one of the Scaled Collector's to chime in with this one.
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    I have the Episode III Dooku mini... and from what I can tell by comparing it to photos of the Ep.II version, I'd say it's the same. But yeah, if someone has both feel free to chime in.

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    Curved hilt

    The episode 2 saber has a grayish metallic hilt while the episode 3 hilt has a mettalic hilt the same color as the saber. I would like to know if anyone noticed in the movies that they're different or is this just a marketing tactic used to sell more sabers.

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    I believe Lucasfilm used the same lightsabers. They just made a few more fighting/stunt sabers to fight with. Essentially Christopher Lee used the same prop (though I'm sure Lucasfilm made several 'hero' props).
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