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    The Shield Season 5

    Tuesday is the premiere, guys. Some say this season might be the final one based on the FX promos and because of the extended episode order. I hope not, but if the creators feel that five seasons is enough for the Strike Team then I will be happy with it. Better to go out on top than linger on when the well has run dry.

    I hope to see the familiar Shield fans here Tuesday night to discuss the greatest cop drama to ever grace our televisions.
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    I agree. I'd rather see Mackey and the crew go out in form than die a slow, painful death like X-Files. The last few seasons have not been as good as the first two. It's still my favorite show on and the best cop show ever.

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    I'm ready. It's all got to blow up at some point.

    So who's going to be the captain? Dutch? Claudette? Is the Assist. Chief going to run the show out of Farmington?

    Will David ever be caught and blackmailed about his *****? How about having his rapist killed?

    Is Glenn Close going to do any guest appearances in Season 5? (she and CCH Pounder - Claudette) were nominated for Emmy Awards for their performances on the show.

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    Hey Tycho, hope you are feeling better.

    As much as I would love to see Vic put the squeeze on Aceveda, I can also see them gaining a mutual respect for one another. That's what makes Vic so great... he gathers the dirt on everyone around him and then only plays his cards when he needs to. Aceveda may not agree with Vic's unorthodox methodology and he knows he's dirty but somehow I would think that the incidents that happened to him may have changed his opinion somewhat about fighting crime in Farmington and that perhaps he realizes that Vic is doing whatever it takes to control the streets and doing what he has to do to protect his family which goes beyond the black and white written laws and what they teach in the Academy. I can see them becoming unexpected allies.

    Claudette has it in for Vic. She's hungry for the chance to run the department her way. She thinks she can turn the Barn on its head and shake the bad apples from the tree. I can definitely see her becoming Captain.

    Dutch Boy is too much of a nerd so he's always going to be stuck behind a desk which is why he has such psychopathic tendencies. Here kitty...

    As for Julian... well... we all know about him.

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    I love this show too! Owned all 4 seasons on DVD but recently sold them due to lack of use. I will be watching the premiere this week too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Is Glenn Close going to do any guest appearances in Season 5?
    When I was looking at the listing for the episode on yahoo, it provided the following info:

    "Extraction" Episode #501.
    Dutch and Claudette investigate a race riot at a local high school; Vic is encouraged to accept an early retirement package; an internal affairs officer visits Lem.

    Cast: Michael Chiklis, Benito Martinez, Glenn Close, CCH Pounder, Jay Karnes, Catherine Dent, Walton Goggins, Michael Jace, Kenneth Johnson, Forest Whitaker.
    Producer(s): Shawn Ryan, Scott Brazil
    The description of the second episode of season 5 also includes Close in the credited cast. What it means, I do not know. And remember Shawn Ryan, we need to resolve Tavon's situation.
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    The only "Retirement Package" Vic needs is the Money Train!

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    I am soooo looking forward to Season 5!

    WOW, five seasons already! While I would love to see the series continue, I would hate to see it die a slow death.

    I remember when Chris Carter said that he wanted to run the X-Files for 5 years and anything else was just gravy. What did they end up with...nine seasons? The X-Files was great, but it died a slow death.

    The flip side to that is the X-Files ran 22+ episodes per season, compared to The Shield running 13, which is probably why it is so hard to believe they are on season 5!

    I hope The Shield goes out with a bang! I would love to see Vic and the gang get away with a big nest egg to retire on.

    Other routes they could go with:

    Dutch turns Serial Killer
    David goes to prison
    Danni makes Detective
    Vic fakes his own death
    Claudette makes Captain
    Julian goes IAD
    The Barn gets a whole new crew and the old crew gets reassigned.

    My personal favorite...Vic makes Captain and runs The Barn!

    The list could go on and on. It will be an interesting season!
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    Dutch turns Serial Killer - likely
    David goes to prison - and he sucks like a cell b*tch
    Danni makes Detective - maybe. Hope she also gets a date with someone normal.
    Vic fakes his own death - or maybe he commits suicide
    Claudette makes Captain possibly
    Julian goes IAD - and gets divorced and goes back to being gay
    The Barn gets a whole new crew and the old crew gets reassigned. - they might even close the precinct for political reasons.

    My personal favorite...Vic makes Captain and runs The Barn! Yeah. That'll happen! LOL

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    From some message boards I have read, the new (I guess interim) captain is...

    Billings. Remember him? The guy who Dutch fought in an episode at the end of Season 4. He was the detective who also was afraid to come out about being witness to a murder at a carwash and not doing anything to apprehend the criminals.
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