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    Weird Al's CBS show coming to DVD

    Not sure how many people remember it, but Weird Al's website revealed that the show is coming to DVD:

    Holy cow... really? You mean the entire 13-episode run of Al's 1997-98 CBS Saturday Morning kids' show, in a spiffy DVD package with commentaries and junk?? Yes, that's exactly what we mean. The good folks at Shout! Factory will be releasing it later this year... stay tuned!
    Shout Factory...they sure do release some of the oddest things you'd never expect to see on DVD. Legend of Zelda cartoons, I am looking at you.
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    Hmm, I don't remember this but I may have to check it out. Weird Al is freakin' hilarious. Was the show any good?
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    How about tying this in with a complete music video DVD? That would rock!

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    Hmm, well it wasn't as funny as something like UHF, but the show clearly had Weird Al's mark all over it. One episode I am sure has aged real well features an appearance by Hanson. I think they even played a song, too.

    Best part of it all was the opening for the show.

    I'm an Al fan, but when this show first aired (I was around 13-14), I felt a lot of the show was average.

    I recommend it if you're a big Weird Al fan, though. Not sure if casual fans can enjoy it as it takes a bit of fandom to look past the bad (or at least it did for me).

    EDIT - Forget what I said about Harvey having the cartoon, I was getting him confused with the Fatman cartoons the show featured.
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    I think the confusion may stem from H the Wonder-Hamster being animated during the opening.
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    I'd think about getting it but I won't pay very much though.

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    I never was able to watch the show, but I'm looking forward to finally seeing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    I think the confusion may stem from H the Wonder-Hamster being animated during the opening.
    If I remember correctly Harvey the Wonder Hamster is in the Fatman cartoons as Fatman's trusty sidekick (much like Robin is to Batman).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentinel18725
    How about tying this in with a complete music video DVD? That would rock!
    I agree!! I wasn't too impressed with the collection that's been released. There are too many holes in the tracklist.
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    August 15th is the release date according to DVDPlanet's site.
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