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    Wink Tell it to SSC!!!

    Guys, if you ever want this server problem to go away, we need to let SSC know because if there are alot of complaints, they're definitely going ot do something about it. They want our mon-ay.
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    i am not sure they can do anything about it.

    did you see some kid in the south, attempted to CRASH his SCHOOL WEBSITE?

    he told all his friends, to go home, log onto the website, and start hitting REFRESH.

    it worked so well, the cops are going to press charges. pigs. sending some kid to jail cause he crashed a website?

    anyways, i wish there was a better option. im hoping maybe sideshow can do something about it.

    but over at KIDROBOT, whenever there is a super limited release, CRASH. super slow, barely working website.

    if 2000 people are all hitting REFRESH EXACTLY at 1pm EST, then you will have a crash.

    heck, even hotmail and gmail have similar problems. just last night, my gmail said, 'wait 30 seconds and come back.'

    i hope sideshow can pull it off, but it would be a miracle.

    cause, wait till boba fett or darth maul is released. then we are all screwed.

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    There are many things they could do about it, but all of them cost both money and manpower. Zakk is right, they want our money. the problem for us is that they already have it. And they will continue to get it without any improvements to their website availability. They have done some things to improve the situation under the guise of good customer relations, but I fail to see their incentive to put alot more effort into it. They sold out the exclusive line in under 2 hours with the site functioning the way it does.

    Personally, I would love to see the process run more smoothly, with quick easy access for everyone, I just don't see that happening. I'm not saying that we shouldn't let SSC know we are unhappy with the process, because it might do some good. I'm just saying don't hold your breath.
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    I am going to try to talk to them this upcoming week about it. I estimate 2000 uniques at once is the upper limit on this, and that's certainly a doable traffic level if the server and network aren't crap, if nothing else this should at least be telling them that they're not producing enough of these suckers to accomodate the demand. But really, they should have a more robust network and server to handle demand like this, it's not even remotely the level of a lot of sites out there yet it's totally incapable of dealing with these transactions smoothly.
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