View Poll Results: How Much Are You Paying For The Saga Collection Figures?

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  • $6 each (Wal-Mart's price)

    214 56.61%
  • $7 each (MSRP)

    129 34.13%
  • $8 each

    9 2.38%
  • $9 or higher each

    26 6.88%
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    How Much Are You Paying For The Saga Collection Figures?

    This poll is a pretty straightforward one. With Hasbro increasing the MSRP on Star Wars figures to $6.99 a piece after a year where probably half the time figures were $5, the pricepoint increase definitely seems to have changed the way people are buying Star Wars figures. Some collectors have set their sites exclusively on Wal-mart, who is charging just $5.88 for TSC figures, while Target and Toys R Us have stuck to the MSRP and are now the same price as KB Toys and K-mart, if you can believe that, which makes finding figures there a little easier since there aren't as many people rushing to buy 'em all at that price. Still other collectors see $7 at the store as close enough to e-tailer prices and have ordered the figures online at higher prices. So, how much are you paying, in general, for your The Saga Collection figures at this point?

    Please round to the nearest dollar when voting.

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    So far I have bought all my Saga figures at Wal-Mart. First they seem to be the cheapest price around, and 2nd, being an employee there, I save an extra 10% off, which when buying them can add up 10 cents on every dollar.
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    Wow, fast response!

    For me, WM is too far away to regularly visit, so I've been paying $7 a pop at TRU, Target, and even KB which was shocking to me. And the price increase has affected the figures I buy, I've already passed up Chewie in Chains twice even though I would have bought him before.

    By the way, I think someone suggested this poll, but they didn't do it in the Poll Suggestions thread so I don't remember who they are. If anybody can point me to that post suggesting this poll, I'd really appreciate it because I'd like to give credit where it's due.
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    Wal-Mart's $5.88

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    I said $7 even though I have not bought any. That is what I have seen at Target, TRU and KB. Don't get to Walmart often.

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    The only place I have purchased these and will purchase these is at WM.

    Edit: Unless a price drop occurs.
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    I bought most of the Tatooine wave at Walmart because of the price difference. Boba Fett seems to be gone first. You have to get there soon after stocking or they are picked clean. Still haven't seen much of the Hoth wave anywhere. I ordered a case of those online at EE, which is a little over 7.00 per figure if you count super saver shipping. I will probably order a few more of other waves/cases if the assortments are good with at least 2 of the new characters/sculpts.

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    I made the mistake of buying two figures at Target for 6.99 a pop because I wasn't patient enough to get them at Wal-Mart and then I eventually saw them Wal-Mart so now I stay true to them and I have enough of them around me where it shouldn't be a problem.
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    I've gotten most of them at WM. I did buy Fett I believe at Target but the rest of the Carkoon wave was purchased at WM.
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    I buy them where I see them - up to retail at any major chain - If I am picky, then I run the risk of spending more in gas looking, so I average it out.
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