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Thread: SW Purge

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    SW Purge

    No one's mentioned this latest comic yet? It's one to pick up.

    It takes place not too long after ROTS. Vader is obsessed with tracking down Obi-Wan.

    I won't say much more about the storyline for those who might buy it.

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    i picked it up on saturday...i wish i could comment more on the plotlines and the few twists in there but i don't want to give anything away.
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    Ok i think we can SPOLIERIZE away.
    I enjoyed this very much- probably one of my favorite one shots now. I was disapointed that they didnt kill Vader- even though I knew that there was no way that they could kill him. I thought it was put together well and was neat (In a sad way) to see how more of the jedi died.
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