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    Aquaman television series

    I was watching Attack of the Show on G4TV yesterday, and they said that the casting has begun for an Aquaman movie.

    Now, I am not a big comic book fan, and the only reason I know anything about Aquaman is because he was on Super Friends waaaay back in the day. What are they going to do? Have him save some dolphins from tuna nets for 2 hours?

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    Yeah, this would be a stupid movie, as the comic was dumb. He will fight the Gungans or soemthing.
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    The only way this could work if they do the psychotic Aquaman from the 1990s comic book, where he loses a hand and has a harpoon in its place, which he uses to kill people a lot.
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    all i can think of is chapelle's bit about superman, the green lantern, and aquaman... he read a comic that had a questionaire in it that asked which you would like to be. superman with all his strength and powers, green lantern with the ability to create anything out of sheer will from a green ring, or aquaman, with the ability to... talk... to fish...

    now, what's a fish got to say???

    "hello, fish"
    "hi aquaman!"
    "did you see anything unusual going on... under the water?"
    "hi aquaman!"
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    Four words."Worst Superhero Movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!"Next to the Superman remake.

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    Actually, it's for the TV show.
    [FONT=arial]The WB has set 28-year-old newcomer Will Toale to star in Aquaman, a new series from Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, says Variety.

    The Florida-born Toale worked as a model before landing a supporting role in "A Streetcar Named Desire" at Broadway's Roundabout Theater alongside Natasha Richardson and John C. Reilly.

    "In the [three month] search for Aquaman, we saw over 400 people in England, Australia, Canada and several U.S. cities," Gough said. "We saw Will's tape over Christmas, and he was the only guy we took to the network."

    A pilot will shoot in March, probably in Miami. The series is expected to be a signature offering next fall for the network and Warner Bros. TV.

    "We call him 'the much-maligned Aquaman,' but when we first pitched 'Smallville,' Superman was considered cheesy," Gough said. "In the comic, Aquaman's the lost king of Atlantis, but in our version, he is Arthur Curry, this twentysomething who owns a dive shop."
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    Quote Originally Posted by starwarsfan1
    Four words."Worst Superhero Movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!"Next to the Superman remake.
    What about the one* slated to come out next year with Nic Cage that looks pretty bad.

    * Due to a brain fart at the moment I can't think of the name of the movie/character.

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    *Psst* It's Ghostrider
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    I disagree as it could be an awesome movie if it's done right. The idea of Atlantis is very cool (that is where he comes from right?). A possible cool script would be (Cliff Notes version) ...

    Movie starts out in Atlantis with a discussion by the elders on the issues above on Earth. They elect their greatest warrior to go help mankind. They also bestow on him the ability to breathe outside of water. At the same time another person is shunned in favor of Aquaman. That person grows with anger and jealousy. He tangles with Aquaman and is disfigured in some deep water disaster. He then assumes the identity of Black Manta and swears to destroy Aquaman by using the people of earth as bait. Then the movie consists of a Aquaman vs Black Manta duel. In the end, of course, Aquaman wins.

    What do you think?


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