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    Hooray for Zutton!

    I posted the following as part of a reply to another thread, but this portion seemed to cry out for a thread all its own. Everyone is so up in arms about Zutton being another Takeel that we do not need that they fail to recognize this figures significance in the big picture. I think Zutton is getting a bad rap and someone needs to rectify this situation. And so, my thread...

    And yet there is more to Zutton than JAFS (S = Snivian, Zutton's race, you figure it out). The presence of Zutton, though it does prevent a Cloud Car Pilot or Imperial Dignitary from being part of the same wave as the Imperial Commander does suggest something very important. No matter how obscure the character, it has a fighting chance to be made. Don't be down on Hasbro for creating a Zutton figure, applaud and salute them! Hasbro needs to know that we appreciate their new-found willingness to recognize a very viable market for all characters in the Star Wars Universe, not just the core 30 or so principals. Remember, the potential for future figures rests on our respones to every figure Hasbro chooses to greenlight. Lets all join together and let Hasbro know that we want them to keep up the good work and make just everybody in sight!

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    I am with you on this one. I am happy to see this figure made and I hope Hasbro keeps them coming...mainline characters, background characters, eu....bring them all on.
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    After seeing the disappointing Takeel that came with the Cantina Aliens 3-Pack I am overjoyed that Hasbro is releasing this version of the figure. Sure he's actually from the Holiday Special but he's also a resculpt of the vintage Snags. Which is cool in my book.

    It's obvious Hasbro has just now learned what Kenner knew back in the ROTJ timeframe, people love obscure characters. Now we just need to convince them that we want more variations of human characters (more Imperial Officers and Rebel Officers).
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    I really don't have a problem with this figure, sure I'd prefer an Imperial Dignitary, but this is something we have never gotten before. Works for me.
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    I have been waiting for this figure for a long time so I'm getting him,maybe even more than 1!Can't wait
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    I'm in favor of him - the more Snags the better !

    Can I get a ruling on whether he's EU or not?

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    Wow Caesar, that is a good question! The Holiday Special blurs the lines of Expanded Universe. Most of the folks in its Cantina were essentially the same (with about three to four exceptions including Ket Maliss), obviously many of the costumes and names (Zutton) were changed. That Zutton did not appear in one of the theatrically released feature films, my personal slant on this question is that the Holiday Special is, by default, the first example of the Expanded Universe. And thusly Zutton is an EU figure as would be those loveable mop tops, the Chewbacca family!

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    Hooray for obscure characters being made into figures!

    Swilla Corey, you will be mine!

    So...what are your TOP FIVE most obscure figures you'd like to be made into figures? In no particular order...

    BG-J38 from Jabba's Palace. Onscreen: 1.7 seconds
    Jess from Jabba's Palace. Onscreen: 14 frames
    Speedo Parraco (rodian in a blue jumpsiut form TPM's podrace celebration) Onscreen: 3.6 seconds
    Jessan Mandu (spacer talking to himself in the streets of Mos Espa) Onscreen: 2.8 seconds
    Wulf Yularen Onscreen: 2.1 seconds

    NOTE: All Onscreen times have been artificially recreated off the top of my head...actual Onscreen times not availible.
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    Bravo JediCole,thats a good topic,I'm in with you on that one!
    But Bigbarada,Takeel wasn't a disapointment,I really really like my Takeel,he fits well within my collection.
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