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    Does collecting lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    I read this article on Netscape News today about a woman who died because she buried herself under piles of junk she collected for 15 years:
    This May Be the Strangest Way Ever to Die Rose Marie, 62, of Shelton, Wash., seemed to just disappear. She was reported missing by her husband, and after 10 hours of searching she was found dead under piles of clutter in their home, reports Internet Broadcasting Systems.

    This was no ordinary clutter. The house was so filled with piles and piles of junk that Marie's husband had no idea his wife had died. When police searched the home for her, their heads actually touched the ceiling as they crawled over the clutter. In fact, police had to conduct two separate searches of the home before they located the body. Mr. Marie believes his wife fell while looking for the telephone and then suffocated.

    Police estimate there are several tons of debris in the house. IBS reports that Mrs. Marie apparently suffered from a psychological condition known as hoarding, which is a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. She collected items for 15 years.
    So I immediately started thinking about it and wondering if I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have been collecting for 20 years. My house is completely full and space is becoming a problem. My attic is full. I need a bigger place but cannot afford it because of all of the money I have spent on collecting. I have considered renting a storage unit until a friend of mine had all of his movie posters in a storage unit destroyed by a flood and the insurance would not give him the full value they were worth. I'm afraid that my ceiling will collapse and all of my toys in the attic will do me in! Do we need something like Action Figures Anonymous?

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    I think it's the other way around...OCD leads to collectiong...obsessively.
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    Collecting is an OCD.
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    I'd answer your question but I am too busy washing my hands and checking to make sure the door is locked.

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    Set collecting level to hoard.

    No, I don't think I'm quite there yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Collecting is an OCD.
    only if you take it to an extreme such as having every single figure and its variant(s) or every figure with each holo etc. and you simply can't live without these things and that's all you think about but, if you collect simply because you like what you are collecting and collect for the pleasure of it, it's not OCD. When the habit controls your life and how you live, that's an OCD.
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    I think, if you can say "no" you're on the right track.
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    I think there are degrees of it. Yeah I have a collecting problem too. It used to be GI Joes, Star Trek, and yes dare I say Hot Wheels. I have always collected Star Wars. Luckily, they quit making decent GI Joes, no more Star Trek. I quit Hot Wheels long ago. My garage is full of toys in boxes and I have one small room full of loose Star Wars. Now I am saying enough is enough. Got me a nice digital camera, and computer with some auction software. Gonna unload alot of stuff (already started) and make a profit on some items, but who cares? What I can't sell I can donate to charity. This can really clean things out, and get a tax deduction for fair market value. It could be worse Decadentdave. I always say, at least I don't spend all my money on alchohol or drugs. There are worse things to be obsessive about, and there is always a way out. Though I will always be a collector because I enjoy it, it's time to narrow it down. If they had Action Figures Anonymous I would join.

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    My Grandmother has always told me that very same thing..."at least it is not drugs." However a vice, no matter what it is, is still problematic.

    I am not religious but makes me think of the commandment "Though shalt not worship false idols." Taken out of context of its orignal definition, could it not be interpreted that collecting little statues of movie characters in great excess might not be construed as sinful if it is done with such consumption and passion?

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    You may be right about that. A vise is still problematic. I know how to solve it. Taking a first step is hardest. You could say that collecting figures with such fervor could be Idolatry. I just thought it was my hunter-gatherer (evolution) insticts kicking in overdrive. There are many gods. A god is whom or what ever you worship and worship is devotion or so I have heard. I will definitely have to ponder on that one decadentdave.


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