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Thread: Coruscant Wave

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    Coruscant Wave

    Interesting selection, but what the hell is Exploding Grievous doing there? Hopefully that's not the final version they're gonna put in here.

    Muftak Jedi is almost laughable, but at the same time he does seem like the Clone Wars character so I'm sure some fans will dig it. Holo Ki-Adi-Mundi looks surprisingly good. Looks like ROTS Obi-Wan Pilot is getting a cloth robe and maybe more work done to the body, and Anakin finally is getting a basic figure that's not embarassing (though the likeness seems weird in the photo, possibly due to a lack of eyebrows or something).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Lushros Dofine: Pegwarmer of the Year 2006. But I do like his readout display.

    Gee Hasbro, way to go all out on Foul Moudama. 90% of the damn figure is Muftak! His shoes and skirt are LAME. But I'll still get it anyway.

    Anakin appears to be the original Lightsaber Attack one with a new cloak. Disappointing.

    Ki-Adi-Mundi looks great. He'll go well with Plo Koon.

    Looks like they kitbashed a few different Grievouses for this one. I'll wait and see.

    Obi-Wan looks like they added a cloak to the pilot one. Useless.

    Cody and the clone still look great, of course.

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    Anakin appears to be the original Lightsaber Attack one with a new cloak. Disappointing.
    Hmm, the hairline and weird face sculpt suggest you are right about that, which is not good since that figure is AWFUL.

    You could be right about white Grievous too, but I think he does look like the exploding one with a different cape.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Pretty boring wave this one, with 50% repacks in there.

    Grevious looks to be a repainted sneak preview figure now with a staff.

    Obi and Anakin are given cloth robes (which should of been on obi-wan in the sep of the twins edition instead of the plastic robe) and ki-adi is made into a hologram.

    Will prob get Cody and Clone even though im going back to OT figures only, as they look great and my set of clones would look unfinished without them.

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    I kind of like the Muftak Jedi, for some reason. But all in all, this wave doesn't look that impressive. I'll wait until I see them in person before I pass final judgment, though. Translation: I'll end up buying all of them.
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    Hmm. Bit of a let-down on this wave. Foul Moudama is entirely Muftak with a tunic and boots...really ridiculous boots. I was hoping for a preposed double-handed sabre grip for this figure - I'll probably buy him but he falls below my expectations.

    The Anakin definitely looks like a repack of #2 Anakin....again....a frankly insulting choice considering we have the far superior Evolutions ROTS Anakin. And wheres the sense in mixing a great Obi-wan figure with this really crap Anakin figure?? Maybe the next time theres a wave with both characters in it we'll get Evolutions Anakin and a 'much demanded' return of #1 Obi-wan. I really was expecting Pilot Obi and Evolutions anakin in this wave.

    Won't be arsed with Grievous unless the cardback is really nice, the clones, Lushros and Ki-adi are alright.

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    Well, I was hoping to pass on the repacks, but the soft goods I will have to buy. Might pass on Grievous, but with the staff, he might be better toi go on the wheel bike.
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    i was hoping to pass on the repacks too but i'll buy that obi wan just for the soft goods cloak.

    i'm definitely buying foul moudama. that's how he looked in the cartoon and so i don't find it "ridiculous" and it'll go great with the roron corrob custom i made. it looks like EE cropped the photo on that figure since there's no way the Muftak mold should appear shorter than all the other figures shown.

    i wasn't expecting to get lushros but that readout might be enough to sway me.
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    I like to order these by the case if the assortments are good. Seems every case has at least 2 Vaders. Think I'll settle for the one with Scorch. It's missing Obi-Wan, but I think I can pick him up later. At least it has 2 clones.

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    That Utapau trooper looks a heck of a lot like a #6 now. I hope that is not the case.
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