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    Displaying 12"...stands?

    I finally have started my Star Wars room. Is there anything out there to keep loose 12" figures from falling over? Any suggestions? Thanks,

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    There are several different kinds of doll stands out there, the most common is a flat plate with a bar that runs up the back and ends in a hoop that goes around the waist. In fact, that's what the SSC SW figures will come with, as seen in this (currently sold-out) generic version:

    There are also other companies that make stands which aren't quite as obvious, like a clear one that goes between their legs. And one that doesn't work too well is the boot-hugger where the base simply holds the backs of the boots in place.
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    Careful with some of the doll stands. Some are more suited for Barbie bodies so they hug a SW figure too high as the waist is in different positions. I know most are adjustible but a few doll stands I got early on just weren't suited for the SW style bodies no matter how much I fiddled with them.
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    I didnt know about those 12" figure stands JT, thanks for the link. Too bad they're backordered. I could use some for my Monsters.
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    Check an arts and crafts store for generic versions that run about $2 or so. Look in the doll area.
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    Yeah, over the years I've bought about 30 or so at Wal-Marts art and crafts section. They sell a decent one with a wood base for around $3. Works great on any 12" figure.


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