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Thread: 2006 Votc

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    2006 Votc

    I found this on Ebay and I thought it was interesting. Do you think this is on the up and up? Tell me what you think?

    2006 VOTC Presell on Ebay

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    Look where the peg hook holes are, totally off-center. Does that make any sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by speck2001
    Look where the peg hook holes are, totally off-center. Does that make any sense?
    That's how all Vintage carded figure are. It keeps them balanced on the pegs.
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    No freakin way......

    DESCRIPTION: • Irresistable product with the return of 3.75" vintage OTC! • Collect all 5 Vintage figures and mail-in for an Exclusive George Lucas figure!
    The excusive chase is on the VOTC????????? HOw f**king bad is that? Ten bucks a pop and we have to damage the freakin card?????
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    turbo is right, speck. you can check your VOTC figures to verify this.

    while i do believe these figures are forthcoming, these cards can be easily faked and coupled with the fact that it's a presell, it means we should wait for photos from more reputable sources.
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    But if it's a fake, how would he have gotten the pictures of the new sculpts on the bottom? I haven't seen these anywhere yet, has anyone else?
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    RS has photos of the new 2006 VOTC cards. They are identical to the presell photos that were posted on ebay. I wish we could get a clearer scan of the back to look at the figures better. My hope is that they keep doing these for the early figures. They are a nice touch and I think are really good. Keep it up! Takes me back to going shopping with my grandmother at lunch from school at Krogers and seeing these figures on the end cap. She would then buy me one figure frequently. Good memories!

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    Can anyone get a better scan or a magnification of the cardbacks posted?

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    i am trying to find my paint and brush program on this computer. i would copy the picture and enlarge it there to see what the picture look like and then put them back here so everyone could see them.i hope hasbro continues with the votc line after this.

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    Does anyone know when these are supposed to hit the shelves?


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