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Thread: Master Windu

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    Question Master Windu

    Would you buy this figure if sideshow made it?

    I would, even though he may not strike off much detail. He seems like kind of a major character.
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    If it looked enough like Sam Jackson, I'd definitely order it. In fact, I'd expected Mace to be the fourth release...not Kit Fisto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    If it looked enough like Sam Jackson, I'd definitely order it. In fact, I'd expected Mace to be the fourth release...not Kit Fisto.
    Ditto here.
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    I will deffinetly pick up Mace when he is made (my guesse is next). The exclusive should be a fro' so he can double as a 12" Pulp Fiction figure
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    It goes without saying that I would buy it. He might even come with one of the coolest accessories...a severed Jango Fett head.

    Personally I am glad they didn't do him yet. He is a major character, but one of my least favorite. Sam Jackson has done a heck of a lot better acting than he did on Mace Windu. I've mentioned in other threads that his interpretation of the character was far too Shaft-ish. I'm not saying he was Shaft...just...Shaft-ish.
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    I prob would, but he's not my favorite either.

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    I would not, it just wouldn't interest me (I didn't buy ROTS Anakin either though). I didn't think Jackson did all that well in the prequels, he came off as an off-note each time, not exactly the Jedi Council leader he should have been, and not particularly well-acted IMO.

    If they do Mace soon, it'd really be annoying because Hasbro's done him as a 12" twice already.
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    Not interested in Mace. Hasbro's is good enough, if put on a better body. His Jedi garb wouldn't be that different from many others, so I'd rather see someone with unique clothing and more interesting headsculpt. Agen Kolar, or any other alien jedi would have very similar clothes and be more interesting. I don't think Sideshow needs to spend much more time on ROTS "humans" right now. They need to bring out some classic trilogy characters, or Prequel aliens.

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    I would like to see a Mace eventually, but I agree that they should do other Jedi first. I'd really like to see some of the female knights. Or maybe the librarian. I know, very minor character, but I did like her costume.
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    I would rather see some other 12" ers before Windu. I think an Aayla Secura is about due!


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