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    Do you think this is a DT vader?

    It looks like it might be from the pic. Guess I will find out when it gets here. Heres to hoping! I still think it is a decent lot for 90 bucks if it isnt .
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    You got all the figures with that? I'm no expert on real or fake, old or new cases so I won't even speculate. I do see a Tusken wearing a camo coat.
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    I bought the lot. It is all vintage stuff. The tusken is wearing han's coat for some reason . Which is cool cause I could use thecoat Someone probably put the coat on the tusken when they were little and it just kind of stayed on there.
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    It's hard to tell anything really from those pics but for that price it appears that you got a good deal regardless. I count 39 figures and a bunch of weapons so that works out to roughly $2.30 per figure which is awesome! Usually you'll be happy to get a loose complete figure for $5 plus shipping.
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    I am definitely pleased with the lot regardless. A dt vader would just be the ultimate bonus ! Its is crazy tho cause a couple years ago I could have picked up a lot like that for about 40 or 50 bucks :/ I just recently got back into vintage stuff, been selling off some of my newer items and buying vintage again. There is just something a whole lot better about vintage to me. Probably because I actually played with the vintage stuff .
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    I'd need to see a high quality picture to make any reasonable guess. And telescope lightsabers are one of the hardest for me, even in person. But given how rare DT Vader's are I'd say its a repro. It sound like you got a good deal, so a repro saber isn't to0 big a thing.
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    I'd say you got a great deal Real Luke.

    The bugger is trying to track down the weapons for them.
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    Dude, great deal, bottom line, DT or not its worth what you paid.
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    Yeah I was already planning on trying to buy it , I just noticed the saber looked pretty long a couple hours before it ended . I decided to just start buying carded figures when I can afford them but I couldnt pass this lot up. I need some loose ewoks for my village anyway. And a new house with room for me to set up my village.
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