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    Why We Like Certain Characters...

    A topic that has facinated me latley is "Why we like certain Characters we dont know much about."

    For example, I've always been a HUGE fan of Boba Fett. Even when I was little watching them VHS tapes, I always thought Boba Fett was awesome! I like his look, stealth, everything! I dont collect many action figures nowadays but everytime a Boba Fett action figure comes out I buy him. He's certainly a popular character but was only meant to be a goon then is killed off on ROTJ.

    Another example: I'm also a big fan of Clone Commander Bly. I'm really not sure why on this one. I'm all about the Clone Troopers and all. But I really dig this character thats onscreen for maybe 6 seconds and says nothing.

    At Celebration III Daniel Logan asked me why people like Boba Fett so much and my response was "Because he's so damn cool looking." I was being cheeky but really, is that it? They look cool? Is it their colors? Attitude or purpose?

    the reason I think I've settled on is because they are there. They look cool too! And thats another I like but I'm always curious because I think its an interesting topic.

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    I loved Boba Fett as a kid but as an adult I think he is totally overrated. Your fascination with Cody probably comes from your Fett-ish.

    I find myself having a strange attraction to some of the "B-Team" background Jedi characters like Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Saesee Tiin, Luminara Unduli and Barris Ofee.

    Currently, I've really been digging on Grievous. It is interesting because before the movie came out I thought I was going to hate him but I found him to be one of the most interesting characters of the Prequels. His cough and walk gave him personality and I love how he is sniveling when he jettisons in the escape pod and says, "Time to abandon ship."

    I also dig Bail Organa. He's the Wedge Antilles of the Prequel-era.

    And another one I dig that hasn't been made into a figure (yet) is that strange "Nanny" Droid that coos and says "Ooo-bahhhh, Ooo-bahhhh..."
    I have absolutely no idea why but I just love that droid!

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    2 of my favorite looking characters are troopers, Biker Scouts and the Snowtrooper. Its something about the uniforms. I have always thought they looked cool. The Biker Scout is probably because I love speeder bikes.

    Some of my other faves are Boba Fett, Barriss, IG-88, Qui-Gon Jin and Darth Maul. QGJ because he was just a sweetheart, Maul because he kicked a55 and the rest because they just look damn cool.
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    Always liked General Veers, because he was the only Imperial officer who seemed to know what he was doing. Commander Cody also is my favorite prequal character. He also was good at doing his job. Both had cool uniforms/ accessories.

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    Qui-Gon is a good guy with an attitude who takes no crap from the Council.

    Kit Fisto appears (in the ten or so seconds of screen time) to be pretty laid back for a warrior. (And, admit it, his brief grin was a million times funnier than the painful C-3PO stuff preceding it.)

    Bariss Offee and Aayla Secura, well, they're both just hot.
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    My two favorites, Han and Lando, are the sneaky, cocky, rogue smuggler, bad a55es. I think that's why I like them: they're the guys your not technically supposed to like. Those always tend to be my favorite characters in movies (another example is Severus Snape from the "Harry Potter" series).

    Also, Lando has the added "kitsch" factor.
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    My favorites have always been Darth Vader, Artoo Detoo, and Han Solo.

    I never understood some of the facination with most some characters, like Kit Fisto (that stupid smile is worse than Ewoks), General Greivous (give the guy a cough drop!), and especially Darth Maul (AKA Darth Action Figure).
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    My favorite has always been the Tie fighter pilot. I just think he is the coolest looking character. I also like the stormtroopers and snowtroopers.

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    Besides the Fetts and Darth Vader, I would say my favorite characters are the Imperials...that would include the clones, stormtroopers, snowtroopers, at-at/at-st drivers, tie pilots, etc....I like the imperial officers and the troops with the helmets and attire that derived from the Germans in the WW2 era. I love history so seeing the ranks of the Empire in these outfits intrigues me.
    Characters like Grievous and Maul I also like, although their screen time in the saga was short lived. Same thing with Qui Gon and other various Jedi. I think characters that do not have alot of screen time or are not considered the "face" of the films can be interesting because it leaves us wanting to know more about them and their backgrounds.
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    My favs are Princess Leia and Han Solo. Princess cuz she's one of the first women in the movies who kicks butt and knows what she's doing. She doesn't take flak from anyone, yet she has a soft, caring side to her as well. Plus she's a hottie!! I just dig that. Han Solo cuz he's Han Solo, his outfit is cool, his gun is cool, his holster is cool and he's a great pilot, hard and introverted yet also a a soft spot to him for helping the rebellion.

    I also love boussh, stormtroopers, biker scouts, tie pilots, and snow troopers simply because I love their outfits...they all just look so foreboding and COOL!

    My fav prequel character is Aayla Secure because she's blue, she has a lightsaber and she's HOT!

    Some of the characters I dig simply for their looks and some I dig because of their personal characteristics.
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