A few months ago, I lost my copies of my Star Wars page due to a hard disk crash. When starwars.com announced it was discontinuing the fan pages last month, I saved the pages so that I could later transfer them to a new server.

I just tried to open the files to edit them, only to find out that--either through Lucas's duplicity or my incompetence (let's not dwell on which, but I think the odds of it being the second are greater)--I had saved not the pages, but a redirect frame that didn't show up. In other words, with the exception of a few files that I saved two years ago (and are thus two years out of date), I have nothing.

I realize this is a long shot, but if anyone happens to have any pages from my starwars.com website laying around in their temporary internet files, I would much appreciate it if you could e-mail them to me.

I think I can reconstruct much of it from memory (bigger and better than ever before, of course!), but the following files would be especially helpful, as they're large and/or written by other folks:

from fan.starwars.com/earl:

from fan.starwars.com/elchuxter:

from fan.starwars.com/teekrules: