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    So. . . what makes this membership kit so cool? The Darth Maul saber was great, and I got some use out of the coupons. . . but this? They could've at least thrown us a saber we didn't already have. Unless someone can shed some light on something I am not seeing, I am quite dissapointed in this offering.

    Oh yeah. . . has anyone ever recieved their Membership Card? I for sure haven't.
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    Oh yeah. . . has anyone ever recieved their Membership Card? I for sure haven't.[/quote]
    Yeah what gives? I havent gotten mine either. I phoned them and they said they were still being made. WTF!!!!!!!!!

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    The exclusive is a "matte" finish mace windu .45 mini. Whatever matte finish means is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nash
    The exclusive is a "matte" finish mace windu .45 mini. Whatever matte finish means is beyond me.

    that would be, not shiny, right?

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    "Matte" means non shiny.

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    ...And since I just finished my rant about the Star Wars Fan Club membership kit on another thread, I'll pick it up over here on this one...

    I NEVER received my personalized membership card. I remember calling MR back in September and was told "in a few weeks." I have e-mailed them months ago and was told they would be shipping in "just a few weeks." I called MR last week and was told "they have been delayed and will be shipping in just a few weeks."

    This is 2006 people. I paid for my membership for 2005.

    What is the point of paying $59.95 for a membership kit in which I only received 1 Replica Report newsletter, a Darth Maul mini (okay, that was cool), and a bunch of coupons out of which I only actually used 2 of them before they expired. I DID get the Obi-Wan Elite Edition but I essentially paid $600 for with the inclusion of the membership price. Still, that's less than they sell for on eBay.

    I will wait and see what "exclusives" are available this year. It better be pretty spectacular. I am not eager to shell out another $60 for a membership kit and not even get a personalized card until sometime 2007, if ever.

    I wish Amy can get on them about the membership cards for us. It's pretty ridiculous. These "Membership Kits" are becoming nothing more than an afterthought after they take our money from us.

    Jan. 2006: "The CS Membership Kits are here! Give us your money now!"
    Jan. 2007: "Oh yeah, guess we better start mailing the kits out, huh?"

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    First off, I'm a huge supporter of Master Replicas, their quality and reputation are outstanding and I stand by them.


    The 2006 Collector's Society offering is less than impressive. And I dont mean this to offend anybody but giving loyal collectors a rehash of a current item is almost insulting. People who want this item already have it. The coupons
    are too specific. I would only use maybe 1 of them.

    I'm still going to join for this year. I'm hoping that MR will suprise us with more bang for our buck. As far as 2005 goes, it was a test year for the CS and if I get some things late (or not at all like the membership card) -thats fine. The Replica Report publication may not be in MR's best interests as it may deviate their attention. But who knows. I still have faith that they will come through.
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    Well if you read my rant about the Star Wars Fan Club, I'm going to repeat myself here with regards to "Membership" and all of its "priveleges."

    The Collector's Society should be just that; a distinguished group of collecting afficianados whom share their passion and enthusiasm. That said, what has the CS been other than priority product ordering and a couple of "Elite Edition" exclusives?

    The Replica Report was a great idea that just sort of fizzled out into oblivion. I think fullfillment should be paramount to CS members and a regular fanzine mailed out to its members is a perfect way to keep them enthusiastic about the hobby they love and keep them up-to-date on products that are being offered. Even "sneak peaks" or exclusive "first-look" at upcoming products would keep us excited throughout the year and generate hype. How about a special forum ala the the RPG where CS members can post and meet in chat rooms? To be honest, I only purchased a few items from MR last year which was considerably less than I spent the previous year in which I spent roughly about $6000. I totally support MR and stand by their products but product delays and a neglect for fullfillment have made me less than enthusiastic about the hobby and upcoming products. I am going to be more discerning than ever this year about the purchases that I make and the more informed I am about the product choices I have available to me the more likely I am to support it. Again, here is an opportunity to showcase upcoming products with first-looks and behind the scenes on construction ala the Sideshow Production Blog.

    Another thing that I don't like is the fact that most of their product images on their ordering pages tend to be prototype images or CGI renderings as is the case with the helmets. Some actual photos and Quictime VR of actual products (i.e. Sideshow Collectibles) would really excite me about the products and I would be more eager to buy them. Ever since they went with the all Flash site it has frankly just sucked. Again, may I direct your attention to Sideshow Collectibles who seems to not only generate hype for their products on a weekly basis and interaction with their customers but also has an impressive site with very nice product images and 360 degree QT VR of their products. If Sideshow were to offer some kind of Collector's Club this year, I would join it first.

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    I received my 2005 Collectors Society card monts ago.It just has your name on it and a 6 digit id number. I also would have rather had last years coupons instead of this years offerings. I will not sign up again this year.
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