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    Carkoon Han Solo Force Pike Variations - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    Alright, that does it! As if the holograms weren't bad enough for variant hunters and completeists, there are six different numbered force pike variations.

    Check it out

    Thank God I've been cured of my completist affliction!

    Goodbye Hasbro. Hello Sideshow!
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    Who really cares if the force pike ha a different number one it? I am a completist but I dont go for stupid things like number variations. I mainly go for the color variations, you know the ones that are actually noticeable. I feel bad for anyone who feels the need to get these.

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    Yea....Hasbro can kiss my a** if they think I would buy 6 Han's because of a force pike variation.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Imagine the poor sap who has to have each numbe and with each holo combination. That's 36 figs...of JUST Han/Carbonite.
    Move along, move along

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    If theres a single person out there who will actually hunt for all these variations I'd be truly surprised. I don't think theres ANYONE that's that obsessed.
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    I don't mind variants, but I could care less about this rubbish.
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    Collectors have gotten too anal-retentive....I mean, just let it go, people!
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    I got them all already, how ya like me now?

    This is bull dung.
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    What is the reasoning in having the different numbers?

    I can understand paint or packaging changes but the pike number?
    Is this even film related or just production related?

    Sorry but this has me completely baffled! (thats not even mentioning the ppl who will actually be looking for them all)

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    This is just some sort of crazy numbering system. My force pike has the number 4 on it with a 52791 date stamp.
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