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    Snowtrooper (Battle of Hoth) - TSC

    This is yet another of those "kind of new, but not really" figures.

    The head, torso, crotch, and skirt are from the 2003 figure, and the arms and legs are from the 1997 version. It fits fairly well, though there's definitely some room for improvement. It doesn't look too odd with the new and old pieces, but it does seem a little off. He seems very tall, but I guess it's good to have some differences in the troops.

    The leg articulation is pretty crappy, and his arms move in a weird way due to the mismatched pieces. But it's not like they sat down or did Rockette kicks or anything. Also, since the arms and legs are from a regular grunt but the rest is from the commander, the skirt is missing the pouches that the grunts had in the film. It's a little annoying, since they could've just as easily used the '97 skirt that had the pouches. But it does have a holster, which is cool.

    The paint looks great. He has a big ol' black mark on his head for battle damage and some yellowing wash on his boots and elsewhere. He doesn't have the odd orange accents on the POTF2 boots, thankfully.

    In the way of accessories, he has a new-age smaller Imperial gun, base, and holo figure. Thankfully, he doesn't have the tripod cannon, of which I already have six or seven at home (and it still hasn't been done right). So in that way, he's good for army building. I can't tell if the blaster is new or not, but it doesn't have the little stick-up thing that made the old one hard to put in the holster, which is nice. The base is the ESB one, of course, and it says "Imperial Snowtrooper" for whatever reason. I got a Darth Maul holo, but of course it's random.

    It's a nice troop builder, though the lack of pouches is annoying to me. It's a good snowtrooper, but I still want an SA version that can hold a blaster with both hands. Anyway, I'll give it a B+.
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    Yeah..for a kit-bash that basically ends up as a statue, this isn't bad. At least the shoulder paldrons are right-side-up this time!
    It's not a bad's just kind of a throwback compared to the newer troop figures.

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    This is one of those figures that looks much better inside the packaging. Once you have it loose, it's painfully obvious how little articulation there is. Compounding the disappointment is the fact that it's part of the same wave as the superior, much more articulated AT-AT Driver.
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    I really wish thay had put effort into this, a SA trooper with a "soft rubber" skirt piece would have been excelent
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    The best snowtrooper figure yet made. Unfortunate how that doesn't really say much. Badly in need of SA treatment, and one of the remaining really obvious OT choices for said treatment. I don't think there are any snowtrooper shots in the film where they don't hold the gun with both hands.


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