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    Directed by: El Chuxter

    Produced by: Bel Cam Jos

    From a story co-written by: Mandalorian Candidat

    Screenplay adaptaion by: BigBarada

    Story consultant: JediPartnr

    Based on characters created by: Tycho

    Sound effects created by: Jedi Master Sal

    With studio release brought to you by: SirStevesGuide

    and Starring:

    Way too Many Luke Skywalker Resculpts to Count

    "The Swinging Simmian" Princess Leia Discounted

    Han Sold-Out (and re-stocked)


    Always the Same Resculpt R2-D2

    Green Japanese Variant C-3PO

    Ben Over-Molded Kenobi

    and Lord Darth Over-Rated (Anakin Skywalker in secret resculpt disguise kit).

    With Invalid Market Research as the Voice of Darth Vader

    The characters and events described in this online picture are ficticious and any similarity or resemblance to actual Hasbro Products or Marketing decisions is clearly intentional.

    This picture was made on location on E-bay.

    Additional footage from Toys R Us, Target, and Bobby's Attic was filmed on location.

    Bobby's Brother's friend Daisy was not harmed during the making of this picture.

    That happened before we got started.
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    For any and all fans and / or contributors to "The Scripts," I found and refreshed "Episode Four: A New Resculpt," for you.

    I had to research the reason Han owes Jabba and apparently they had this scheme to scalp R2 with Leia Holos and Han used Jabba's money to buy the whole case with peg-warming versions of himself, Tatooine Luke, Greedo, and the Jawa / Gonks that are running amuck everywhere.

    That explains it. Incidently, the link in "The Resculpt Strikes Back" to this thread, is not working, so there was another good reason for digging this up.


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