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Thread: Black Hawk Down

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    I just saw Black Hawk Down last night. It was pretty good. However I think that Josh Hartnett was horribly miscast. The part should have been played by someone a little bit older. All I kept thinking to myself was, this guy is a sergeant and he is ordering these people around and he looks like he's a teenager. Plus IMO Hartnetts acting wasn't that great and the part where he was talking about why he joined the rangers because he thought he could make a difference was TOO CHEESY. Other than that I quite enjoyed it.
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    Well, those guys WERE really young in real life. Everybody except the Delta Force guys and the officers were between 18 and 24.

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    hey sith droid,

    as suggested by rollo, i picked up the black hawk down book. by the way, it's based on a true story. as dramatic as it was, if the writers had simply made this story up, they could of gone a more dramatic route ala saving private ryan.

    by the way, the character josh hartnet plays was only a five year veteran in the army, aged 24 or 25, and i bet the feelings he expresssed about making a difference were real, not made up. sorry if you think real life is cheezy.

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    I think that anyone willing to go into the line of fire for the sake of someone else truly believes he can make a difference. God bless them for their dedication.

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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    the part where he was talking about why he joined the rangers because he thought he could make a difference was TOO CHEESY. Other than that I quite enjoyed it.
    I've known many people who have joined the military for very idealistic reasons. It's not uncommon by any means and they definitely don't see it as cheesy.
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    I'm not saying that most people don't join the military just to have fun. I do believe that some join the military to actually make a difference. My point was that the way the subject was brought up and the way Hartnett delivered it seemed CHEESY.
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    Hmm, maybe I should go see this after all. I was avoiding it, due to the fact I'm not much of a war movie fan. But with all the good press it's getting, as well as the praise you guys are heaping on the movie, perhaps I should. Guess I should go find out the local showtimes, and drag myself to the theater. I'll let you guys know what I thought, if I do go.

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    Do see it Jar Jar. It is a great movie.
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    Yes, JarJar you should, BHD was a great war movie. It showed very well what happened in Somalia. It was graphic and detailed, and overall I'd give it 4 stars.
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    It was an awesome movie, but like all movies, it gets a little sugarcoating, you hardly see the somali women and children getting killed as well as the bad guys.


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