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Thread: Black Hawk Down

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    There was a scene in the book where this Somali woman kept running out into the intersection and pointing to where the Rangers were holed up, and it would immediately be followed by a horrendous barrage of gunfire. After this happened three or four times, one of the soldiers said "If that B***h does that one more time, i'm taking her out." and his CO said "Go ahead." So the next time the stupid wench came out, about a dozen rangers opened fire and turned her into goo. Just liquified her.

    Now my girlfriend and I got into a discussion about this. She said that was barbaric to slaughter a woman like that. My feeling was, the woman had ceased to become "an innocent bystander" because she was attempting to cause harm to soldiers by her actions and thus "got what she deserved."

    I was hoping that scene was in the film just because it would make the Rangers more real and three dimensional. Less likable, but more real. It would show what happens to morals and conscious when your life is on the line. They are easily discarded in favor of survival.

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    Very valid points, Rollo. The same issues applied in other battles, Vietnam for instance. Were the actions of this woman any different than putting grenades into the hands of children? I don't think so. It's very saddening.

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    I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago on theater.

    I must say I am impressed by all the sound effects and visual effects. It's pretty cool and very realistic.

    It's all the way action packed !!!!
    For all those action movie lovers ...
    this is a must see movie

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    I have mixed feelings about this movie, being a fan of War movies BHD is a "must see" but the fact that it explains too little on what really happened there is disturbing. The events take place in Somalia, in the middle of a city ala "no manīs land" but not all the ppl that were in that area of the city were bad guys, remember the scene when a ranger gets lost and ends up in a house with a woman and her children? I would have liked more explanations regarding the behavior of the Somalian ppl. Were they with or against this terrorist??
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    the majority of those fighting our troops were adid's militia. however, some were enraged townfolk who were just looking to exact revenge for the american's invading their territory. as you probably recall, not all the somalies were against the rangers. just those in adid controlled territory. the majority were glad they were there restoring order to the "wild west" that is somalia.

    remember when the rangers were running to the stadium, the people around that area were cheering them on.

    there is only so much they can cram into a 2 plus hour film. maybe a mulit part mini series ala band of brothers would of explained the story a little better.

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    I am impatiently waiting for the three disc DVD to come out. I really have a hankering to watch this movie again. I haven't seen it since it was in the theatre.
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    here is a link to a speech/presentation given recently by mike durant, the surviving "BHD" blackhawk pilot:

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    If you get the chance, watch "The Real Story Of BHD" on the History channel. It is a 2 hour show w/ input from Mark Bowden, the guy who origianlly wrote the newspaper series/article, as well as surviving members of the raid. I've seen it twice now.

    Interestingly enough, Aidid's son was a Marine who was stationed there in Somalia and later took Aidid's place as head of the clan.
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    Originally posted by dr_evazan22
    If you get the chance, watch "The Real Story Of BHD" on the History channel.
    They're putting that on the 3 disc set for Black Hawk Down.
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    Cool! I'll make sure I get that. I almost bought it from the History channel.
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