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Thread: Black Hawk Down

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    Black Hawk Down

    I just saw B H D it was good.Ewan Mcgreger played in it too(he playes Obi-wan ) For those who haven't seen, it's a 4 star.
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    Haven't seen it yet; but hopefully I can next weekend.

    I was stationed in Germany when the actual attack happened, and we all believed that we'd be getting ready to deploy to war. But Clinton, in his infinite ineptitude, chickened out and gave America one of our most humiliating defeats in history. A couple of short range nukes would've taken care of those animals dragging our soldiers' bodies through the streets. And set a good example for all the uncultured nations out there looking to pick a fight.

    Sorry, touchy subject.
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    BHD! AAWWWW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! This movie was GREAT!!!!! I saw it about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I can't wait to see it in theatres because my copy was pretty crappy! It's gotta be incredible on the big screen! I highly recommened it to everyone! 4 out of 5 *'s! 4 out of 5, only 'cause I never give a 1 or a 5 to any movie.
    Actually that's not true, I gave 1* to Pearl Harbor, because that has got to be the worst movie of all time! I would have been ashamed If i knew there was a veteran of PH in the audience with me. It was so bad I felt guilty afterwards, because I was laughing about 1/2 way though, GOD it was aweful!
    Anyways, anyone who hated PH too, I highly recommend BHD, 'cause it redeems hollywood war films!

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    Black Hawk Down

    i saw this film on sunday, and i was very impressed. an excellent film, and from what i have heard, is very true to the actual events.
    what most impressed me was the fact that like in desert storm, this is a 100% volintary army. the fact that these guys choose to join up gets mucho respect from me. too bad they didn't have the tanks originally requested. they would of been out of there in a few hours instead of having to fight all night.

    a very good film. i highly recommend.

    anyone know why delta force wears a different helmet than the rangers wear? and in the film, delta force soldies seemed really cocky. one of them was almost talking down to a superior officer of the rangers. does that really happen?
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    Black Hawk Down makes it into my top ten movies of the year. It might have been higher, but it suffers from TBWB syndrome. (The Book Was Better) After I read the book, I had tears in my eyes because it captured the emotional aspect of these young men, who fought and died with each other, so well. If you liked the movie, I highly super recommend reading the book at once. And Pearl Harbor wasn't the worst movie of the year. Here are the 5 worst of 2001

    5. Tomb Raider
    4. Hannibal
    3. Scary Movie 2
    2. Spy Kids

    and the worst movie of 2001

    1. Vanilla Sky

    Honorable mentions also go out to Shallow Hal and Planet of the Apes...

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    Mopping up vomit in a Caster(sp?) oil taste testing factory would have been worth more my effort than the pain of watching Vanilla Sky. Tom Cruise's roles lately have absolutely sucked. I couldn't be any happier. The dude is a poser and a moron for letting Nichole slip away.

    Back to the subject...sounds like Black Hawk Down is a good movie.

    Hey are their any opinions on "A beautiful Mind"? One of my friends saw and said not to waste my money and my Mom keeps calling me to ask if I've seen it yet?

    What say you lads? And any lasses that are watching? I'm any equal opportunity pollster

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    hey preacher,

    your hate for tom cruise sounds very familiar. my dad refuses to watch any future tom cruies films after seeing "eyes wide shut" and "magnolia" i thought both films were o.k., but to some, cruise ruined his "image" of the all american poster boy they recall from films like top gun.

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    I have to go see this. There was a guy from my hometown in North Little Rock that was killed in the actual incident. I think he was flying one of the helicopters. He has a street named after him and stuff. By any chance was there a character named "Bull" or "Donovan" in the movie? I figure they didn't use actual names, but I have to ask.

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    Chief Warrant Officer Donovan "Bull" Briley was the co-pilot of the first BH to go down piloted by CWO Cliff "Elvis" Wolcott who was played by Jeremy Piven in the film. Both men died instantly in the crash. The reason the expidition stayed so long at the crash site, was that they couldn't get the pilots bodies out of the wreckage. It took them several hours to cut through the metel and dig the bodies out because "no man is left behind."

    I enjoyed A Beautiful Mind. It's slow in the middle, but Crowe gives yet another riveting performance.

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    Hate. Man, that is an awfully strong word Derek.

    I don't hate Tommy...don't even know him. I'm sure he would be cool to play some billiards against, or golf. I've just been terribly disappointed in his movies the last few years. I enjoyed his performance in A Few Good Men, The Firm, and Interview With A Vampire. Vanilla Sky, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Mission Impossible II, stank really really bad.


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