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    MR Luke EP. IV SE Email going out now!

    $499 & Free Shipping!*
    Collectors Society On Sale:
    January 24, 2006

    (9:00 am Pacific Time)
    General Public On Sale Date:
    January 26, 2006
    (9:00 am Pacific Time)
    Expected to begin shipping
    Early Spring 2006

    *Free domestic ground shipping
    Expedited orders and international orders will receive a discount on shipping costs at checkout.

    Seduced by tales of the Jedi Knight father he never knew, Luke Skywalker is recruited to the freedom fighting cause of the Rebel Alliance, armed only with his courage and a lightsaber that had once belonged to his father…
    For the first time own an accurate, fully licensed replica of Luke Skywalker’s iconic Jedi weapon as seen onscreen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope—complete with a customized plaque autographed by Luke Skywalker himself: actor Mark Hamill. This signature edition replica is accurate in every detail and features the correct positioning of the mid-band clamp as it was seen onscreen. Our previously released Elite Edition featured details that were seen only on the lightsaber prop used for publicity photos, in addition to being constructed from stainless steel.
    Replicated from Lucasfilm archival materials and a direct study of an original antique flashgun and sourced parts used on the filming prop, each replica features:
    • Machined and extruded aluminum and brass parts
    • Seven co-molded injection molded grips
    • Injection molded plastic detailed parts
    • Museum quality display case with mirrored base and acrylic cover
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Numbered plaque autographed by
      Mark Hamill
    • Limited to only 750 pieces you prefer the prop without Mark Hamill’s signature, the Limited Edition version is available only through Master Replicas retail partners as a Retailer Exclusive and features:
    • <LI class=content>Machined and extruded aluminum and brass parts <LI class=content>Seven co-molded injection molded grips <LI class=content>Injection molded plastic detailed parts <LI class=content>Museum quality display case with mirrored base
      and acrylic cover
    • Numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity 2006 Collectors Society Membership is now available for ordering! Order yours today so that you can be one of the first to order your Luke Skywalker Ep IV Lightsaber Signature Edition![FONT=Arial]A whirlwind of activity is heading your way as exciting new 2006 products are unveiled, including our first Studio Scale this year! [/FONT]

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up! You should be receiving your email either today or tomorrow.

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    Thanks Amy! This looks REALLY GOOD!
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    My Bank is going to close ME!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Excuse my language, but this new saber is B.S! So all of who spent $500 + on the Elite version of the saber did not even get the real movie accurate prop!??? My Elite saber looks like crap because of all the glue and i got emails from MR customer service from August 2005 - Nov. of 2005 stating they would replace it for me but so far nothing. This whole business now I am convinced is a scam. The Obi Elite I receive this week will be my last saber for me. After seeing that they are now releasing a movie accurate prop of this luke saber it is enough to make me sick. They thought the Elite version of the Luke VI caused controversy...wait to they hear the backlash of all the fans who paid hard earned money for the Elite Luke IV and now are being told it is not movie accurate just publicity still shot accurate. What a crock!

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    come on, are you THAT surprised that they are releasing the Luke ANH LE and SE with the "screen accurate" clamp position? Most of us speculated it would happen right after ordering the Luke ANH EE. It was bound to happen.

    Generally the Elite Edition line has been "Idealized" versions of the lightsabers and not "screen accurate". Thus MR planned accordingly and made the ANH EE from the publicity shots to justify later releasing the ANH LE and SE as the on screen version. I am one who spend $525 on the ANH EE and im very proud of that saber.

    Would it be nice to also have the Luke ANH SE for $25 cheaper? YES

    Is the edition run for the Luke ANH SE lower since it is only limited to 750 pieces? NO, simply because the ANH LE is the same lightsaber as the SE, there are no differences, only the signature plaque is different.

    However, keep in mind that with the "screen accurate" clamp position, you sort of lose the continuity of anakin and lukes lightsaber progression. What I mean is, Anakin ROTS has the clamp position facing the same way as the Luke ANH EE AND also the Luke ESB LE which we all know are supposedly the same saber just with reworking and modifications.

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    I'm actually going to pass on both the Luke SE and LE for now. I said I would never buy the same Lightsaber from the same movie (ie: I already own a Vader ANH saber so I wont buy anymore Vader sabers from ANH no matter what MR adds to them).

    Between all the stuff that Master Replicas, Gentle Giant and Sideshow already have coming out -my hands are pretty tied.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Luke ANH LE

    If anyone would happen to get #1718 (if they go that high) could you please let me know? I have the ESB and ROTJ #1718 and would LOVE to have a complete matching set. THanks

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    The Luke ANH SE and LE have the clamp position facing up because Obi Wan made it that way. Later on Luke copied Obi Wan's lightsaber clamp position from ANH and changed it for ESB. An explanation like that isn't that far out of reach considering all the adjustments that Ben makes to the saber to make it look like the Luke ANH EE. I guess it would make sense that Obi Wan would modify it because he seems to change his saber through the entire prequel trilogy.


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