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    Have you missed a Sideshow 12" Star Wars figure? Has anyone?

    I keep hearing all these complaints that the Priority Order system doesn't work or it's slow or it's run by Beavers, etc. etc.

    All of these comments come from people who DID get one of the 4 figures released so far- the Sideshow Exclusives no less.

    My question is-

    Why hasn't been able to get a Luke Jedi, Anakin Mustafar, Obi-Wan Mustafar or Kit Fisto?

    Personally, I missed out on the Luke Jedi- they were WAY more popular than I thought they'd be, and I didn't take the time try and order one. I don't really do 12" scale though, but the collector in me can't help but get excited at sales frenzies

    Anyone else miss a figure? Why?

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    I missed the exclusive Luke Jedi because I was involved in a family emergency, but I got the regular one. I have been trying to trade my exclusive Obi-Wan for an exclusive Luke in thew trade forums.

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    I missed out on the exclusive versions of Luke and Anakin. I got the regular versions, but since I am a completist it is the kind of thing that gnaws at the back of your mind. Oh well, I'll just have to get over it. Or rob a couple of gas stations so I can afford the scalper's prices on eBay.
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    I missed the first 3 completely. I wasn't even going to collect them until I saw the Order of the Jedi page at Sideshow's site and saw the 4 of them standing together. They looked much better as a collection than I had anticipated. So that got me hooked. I have the Exclusive Fisto, but now I've gotta dish out the cash for the other 3 exclusives... I'll be staying on top of the rest though. SS figure prices usually drop substancially on Ebay at the time of shipping.

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    I've missed out on all the exclusives so far... unfortunately Fridays are extremely busy where I work, so I rarely have the opportunity to logon to Sideshows site at 10:00am on Fridays.

    Sideshow has picked a sucky day and time to do the priority pre-order IMO.

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    I almsot missed out on luke. I forgot all about 'em when they were all sold out. But then some guy on ebay had a reg. edition and I scored it.
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    I missed out on all of them. It doesnt really matter though since im not a fan of the 12" inch line of figures. If I happen to see them at a fair price I might consider getting them.

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    I haven't got any of them. Would like too, just cannot afford to collect the line.
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    Missed the exclusive Luke, because I was unable to get home (15 miles) to my computer. (might have to get a Lap Top) Now I take early lunches on friday only just so I can order the SS 12' exclusives. Even the LOTR Aragorn. I'm lucky I'm a commissioned piece work employee so my schedule varies. If my fellow employees knew why, well they wouldn't understand my devotion to collecting (my dark secret) Got the regular edition though. I did put myself on the waiting list for an exclusive, though I don't think many people will get cancelled on these. I can only hope.

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    Define "miss." I only have Kit, but that's in keeping with my commitment to only get aliens, droids, villains, and clearance items from the Hasbro line. I have a feeling the "clearance items" is out of the question for Sideshow.
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