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    Target jacks up ROTS basic prices to match TSC

    It's true, I was at Target last night and they had a couple ROTS figures that hadn't seen shelves before next to the TSC Carkoon wave figs. I took the Mon Cal senator fig over to the scanner expecting him to be $1.18 or less the way the Neimoidian Warrior I bought last week was, and the stupid ROTS figure was $6.99! Can you believe the gall?
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    the thing that really worries me about these price increases, is the way stores will interpret the down turn in sales. "Oh, this Star Wars thing must be over now, we better stop/slow down ordering". Hey idiots! bring the price back down! You'll sell more!
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    What a rip off. Cant they tell they are different sku's and were discontinued. What mongoloids.
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    This really sucks as I still need several ROTS figures. I can't believe that they'd raise the cost of ROTS figures as I'm sure that they'll just sit on shelves not that the TSC waves have arrived.
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    Par for the course with one of the "Big Box" retail chains.

    I'd be surprised if Target stays at the higher price for either ROTS or TSC for that matter, for long. Wal*mart will blow these out at $5.88. Once target starts to get a glut of product, they'll wisen up. (Hopefully)
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    Just freaking clearance them, what a crock of BS.
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    K-B toys is doing the same thing...a week ago i found ask aak (FINALLY!!!!!) , tarkin,meena tills, dark wookie,threepio,and #50 anakin at the nearest one...only needed ask aak,and he rang up $6.99 at the register,the same price as TSC han,leia, and bib i bought on the same receipt....

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    I'm shocked!

    I have seen one, count 'em, ONE ROTS figure the past month and that was about a week ago at WM. It was an Anakin #28 (I believe) w/ Sith Eyes and it rang up for $3.00 so I bought it. Other than that, I haven't seen one ROTS figure since before Christmas. Not only am I shocked that you all are still finding them, but that they are ringing up at the absurd price of $6.99.
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    As for Target, did anyone actually talk to an employee or manager to see if they'd honor the old prices?

    As for KB- wasn't $6.99 the regular price for ROTS? I don't believe they've ever gone on sale- so that's not exactly a price-hike.

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    I didn't talk to them, but they don't pricematch at all anymore and generally never pricematched clearance items unless they were identical (because clearance prices are apparently somewhat up to the discression of the toy manager or something, I had a fuss with them about a vehicle - I think a b-wing - back in the day over this same sort of thing).

    Bacta is totally right, the price increase just hurts the sales and makes the line look bad, then they see weaker sales and take even more drastic measures (and the price hike was likely due to the fear of weakening sales in the first place).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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