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    i didn't see the show, but i second what jeditricks said. ford always seems nervous and uneasy in front of crowds, and anyone who has followed his career, knows he hates doing interviews.

    this could be a really great film, or it could be sucky like the recent mummy films. i hope they don't try to rely too heavily on the CGI effects.

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    I have heard searches for Excalibur and Atlantis were possibilities and also a lame treatment involving Area 51. I guess Spielberg could make an Indy Jones movie about Area 51 in the 50's work, but it sounds silly. It would probably be more original than having Indy traverse the world lookng for yet ANOTHER relic like Authur's sword. I liked the idea for the PC game Infernal Machine. Indy vs the commies! Yeehaw!

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    Indy is really a clone, so IV will be a prequel when we see armies of adventurers spreading out ....

    forget it.

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    I bet Connery will be in it.
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    No time for love Dr. Jones!

    I saw "Short-round" on the Goonies DVD. He looked like "Short-round", but stretched out and with long hair. I suppose that would make him "Long-round".........sorry . I kinda hope they choose the Atlantis plot, but I have very defined ideals regarding the lost continent, so I hope they get it right!
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    Atlantis would be a cool topic! But it gets away from the religious artifacts angle. Is that a negative, or does it matter?

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    I believe disney owns the "atlantis" myth now. Really though, another Indy film would rule- it would be cool if it was a tie in to the H.P. lovecraft mythos- Indy searching for Cthulu, or going to antarctica to search for the lost city of the old ones. That's similar to religious artifacts, isn't it?
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    Indy will be in search of Noah's Ark.

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    Originally posted by Lord_Malakite
    Indy will be in search of Noah's Ark.

    So the cloning thing will work in the next episode!

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    Noah's Ark would be cool. What about Stonehenge? Or Easter island?

    As for Atlantis "mythos" being owned by Disney, that can't be true. That means that they would own Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and so on and so on. Most of them are Grimm's fairy tales. Disney, CAN'T, own everything. Besides isn't Atlantis supposed to be a part of history? Disney can't own history.

    Perhaps Indy should go after something other than religious artifacts. But what though? Any ideas?
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