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    Disney doesn't own the Atlantis mythos, they used it specifically because it's public domain, like Snow White, Aladin, etc. Only Tarzan has been a project they had to get the rights to do from the author's family.

    It seems to me like Indy would have to be underwater a lot for Atlantis to work though. As for Stonehenge or Easter Island, wouldn't that be a REALLY short movie? I mean, it'd just be Indy shown getting on a plane, then a map with a red trail leading to England and then the South Pacific, and finally a shot of Indy getting off the plane. Perhaps the Stonehenge one might take Indy all the way to the car rental place as well.
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    Originally posted by SithDroid

    Perhaps Indy should go after something other than religious artifacts. But what though? Any ideas?

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    JT, you forgot Peter Pan, Disney had to get the rights to that from the children's hospital that J.M Barrie left Peter Pan to. Also, the Black Cauldron was a book and so was the Aristocrats. Oh also 101 Dalmatians and the Jungle Book. And the Hunchback o' Notre Dame.

    P.S. Malakite Some scientists discovered Noah's Ark about 10 years ago. they figured out which mountain it landed on based on geography surveys (there wasn't much mountian left) and found remains of the giant craft.

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    Rollo Tomassi, Noah's Ark could work. Remember that Indy takes place in the 1940s along with the Nazis. Also, some scientists finally believe that they have discovered Jesus's cup from the last supper and the Ten Commandments according to some Discovery Channel documenteries.

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    Smile Sorry for the confusion-

    That atlantis crack was a JOKE!! It was based on the fact that disney did in fact own the image of our very own RCMP officers for a while, and that forced mcfarlane to leave out the mountie bank from the bob and doug figures(or at least that's what I read) I'm surprised they can't copyright numbers yet.
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    I thought he was supposed to go after the Fertility Idol that got away. That would be a nice homage to Raiders, IMO.
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    JediTricks what Imeant by Stonehenge or Easter Island is not thathe goes in search of them, but he searches for the REASON why they are there. Perhaps he finds some ancient books to help him figure it all out and there is a secret society to help keep it protected, but then again that might be too much like Indy 3. Anyway, just a thought. Perhaps the Spear of Destiny would be cool. After all Hitler supposedly had the Spear during WWII. It could deal with Indiana trying to get it back from the Nazi's. But then again that would only take place 6 years after Last Crusade. It has been 13 years since the last movie. I guess it could work, but they better get going on it before Harrison looks too old for the series.
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    Aw, I kinda like the idea of a 5 minute Indy movie.

    Anyway, whatever they do, it shouldn't be vague, part of what makes Raiders and Last Crusade work IMO is that they have specific goals, in TOD, Indy seems to be just surviving the run and trying to make a buck, it's not enough.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    does everyone think indy 4 is going to be set around the WW2 era? i was hoping it would be in the 1960's so it would be consistent with ford's current age. he'll probably be in his early 60's when this movie is filmed. hopefully they won't have a guy elgible for social security trying to act 40.

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    Indy 4

    How 'bout if Indy searches for George Lucas's lost spark of idealistic creativity, so it can be restored in the remaining Star Wars flims?

    Possible titles?
    Raiders of the Lost Spark...
    Indiana Clones And the SW Title of Doom...
    Indiana Jones and the Lost Cause....
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