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    Sound the alarm! Hasbro screws with Cody!!

    Unbee-freakin-leavable!!!!! Look at this!!!!!

    No ball joint shoulders, no ball joint elbows. no ankle joints!!!!

    This tears it!! Those guys are idiots!!!!

    Incidentally, I suspected all this when the first pics were released, but I had hopes that they might be prototype shots and maybe the real deal wouldn't be so bad!!
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    are you REALLY surprised?

    looking at it,i think i'll pass and just keep my custom may not have a removable helmet,but it's super-articulated,has movie-accurate markings and chipped-paint/battle marks,and has the helmet and shoulder antenaes....

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    Geezum crow!! Does EVERYTHING have to be SA for people to be happy? I think it looks fine. Just be happy that they didn't stick with the same articulation as the POTF2 figures.
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    Again this could be another prototype of the figure. Afterall t is pictured on the Fireship Pilot's base. Also it could be that the joint are already bent making it seem as if there are none. To me it looks like there are elbow and knee joints. As far as the antenna, the arm is raised up abit so perhaps the picture is hiding it. In closing, I say wait until the figure is in hand before judging.

    As far as the SA topic is concerned, yes it would be great to have every igure is a SA style for multiple poses, however, in order for Hasbro to do this, I think the prices would be hovering around the VOTC price tags and then there would be a whole new thread to complain in since people are already complaining about the $6.99 price at Target.

    I would love for all the figures to be SA, but then again I would also like figures that look acurate and are fun to display and play with.
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    While it's a little bit of a disappointment that he doesn't have super articulation (but not the end of the world -- the figure still looks rad), I had a very disturbing mental image when I first clicked on this thread, and it's one I'm sure Temuera Morrison would not appreciate.
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    Cody doesn't look too bad. Indeed it looks like there is elbow and knee articulation At first I thought the elbow joint was a swivel like the Gunner's, but upon closer review it appears to be ball joint.

    I'm not so concerned with ankle articulation as I don't use it all that often for my current figures anyway. Ball joint shoulder would have been best I agree, but swivel is fine.

    really, just take a look at the detail in this figure. So they cut back on one or two joints. They gave us a great looking figure!

    If you're not satisfied with it, then at least you have the parts neccessary from this one to make an SA custom Cody. I may just do that too, but will have one as first made by Hasbro.

    His helmet does come off, so that's great news!

    Without having it in front of me, I'd give it an initial A-. Only the addition of ball shoulder joints would have made this an A.

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    A little dissapointing, but I'lll still get him anyways. He's still a cool enough figure.
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    The articulation it has is sufficient. He was a minor character anyhow.
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    I really like the looks of the figure. Hasbro is not going to SA everything just because we want it. I will buy Cody, if I ever see him anywhere around here just because he was more than minor.

    But, I would like to see ball shoulders for most figures, but I would also like to see a large bag of money sitting on my front porch to buy them all with. Neither is going to happen, so I will deal with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukesky27
    I would also like to see a large bag of money sitting on my front porch to buy them all with. Neither is going to happen, so I will deal with it.
    Wouldn't we all??!!!
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