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    Unleashed Battlepack: Wave 2

    In a single word...UNFRICKINBELIEVABLE!!!!!

    Hasbro has really improved upon these mini-figures this time around. More articulation, better paint applications, sturdier plastic, better detail, etc. etc.!!!

    Commander Gree is the only figure with a minor complaint. They did include the silver paint on the helmet with this version...but they used too much because the green stripe running from nose to chin is missing on mine. Still, the rest of the figure makes up for such a minor imperfection.

    As for the rest of Wave 2, they're on layaway, so I haven't seen them loose yet. However, a quick glimpse of them in the packaging suggests the following:

    Better paint application/detail

    Sturdier plastic on the lightsabers (Aayla and Yoda's blades are perfectly straight as opposed to the drooping of General Grievous)
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    I saw these today and, like the first wave, I passed. I just cannot justify $10 for a set of "Army Men."

    One thing that bothered me is the fact that at this scale they do not go with any vehicles from either the Action Fleet or the Micro Playesets. It seems Hasbro's scale is always all over the map.

    If Hasbro wanted to "shrink" the Unleashed figures down to a more sellable price point, perhaps they should have considered doing something along the lines of McFarlane's AVP playsets which the 7" Movie Maniacs were reduced in scale down to a 4" line with really cool playsets. The Unleashed Battle Packs could still retain their detailed and dynamic action poses with cool sculpted background displays to boot. I was thinking how cool the Felucia Battle Pack would have been if it included some of those giant colorful shrooms and you could recreate Aaylay's death scene with Bly and his troopers surrounding her or one of the Wookie huts to display for Kashyyyk.

    Oh, if only I could work for Hasbro...

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    I just got mine today in the mail and I have to say they are ten times better then wave 1. I liked wave 1 but wave 2 roundhouse kicks it in the face.


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