Has anyone else here had any trouble purchasing from Wizards store online. I just assumed they would be trustworthy but now I'm having a heck of a time getting any correspondence out of them regarding an order thatI've already paid them for. Their website says (even now) that they still have all four of the EE clone sets on hand and ready to ship for $119. So I went ahead and ordered them last week, my card was charged right away. Problem is, I started having computer problems so I bought a new computer and I haven't been able to access my old e-mail to retrieve my order number or anything. So three nights ago I e-mailed their customer service to explain the situation and check up on things. I recieved an auto-response message basically saying they were closed and they'd have someone get back to me. But as of yet, nothing!

So has anyone else dealt with them? I'm I being to impatient, or should I try to get my money back?