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    Geonosis wave C-3PO

    There is a packaging variation with the two different heads. As you all can probably imagine there is a version with the Battle Droid Head on C-3PO and C-3PO's head on the blister and vice versa. I saw and held both in my hands at Frank-n-Scalpers' tonight so this is not a guess. It is a certainty.

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    I wish there was one with the Battle Droid body.

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    See now this is actually a good "variant". I may actually pick up both of them if I happen to see both on the pegs.
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    Cool. Yea, I'd definitely pick up both versions if I can find them.
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    I have this figure from the Saga Deluxe and will be passing on either version. Being an opener allows me to be picky, and I feel its a rehash figures so pass.

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    Well it's really looks like Hasbro is purposely making these variations now. Maybe all figures will have a packaging variant soon.
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    most packaging variants are long forgot about after about 2 years goes by. i am not buying this figure as i got the e2 one and an extra for about 2 bucks at kb. i am getting at least 4 from this wave already. definately a cool figure though. just can't justify going 6 or 7 bucks when i got my extra deluxe for 2. now if i see a vader w/lukes head...i'm in.

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    I didn't do a comparison. Is this a new sculpt or a re-pack of the EII deluxe?


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