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  1. #1 is catching on to Titanium!


    Of course it's sold out because I think I just bought the last one

    However, if they offer one ship and it sells out they may offer more!

    We may be saved from scalpers after all!

    (To even things out for shipping, I picked up a Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader- it's stocked there, too! And a Darth Vader EVA lite- so that amounts to $1.96 per item meaning $6.95 for the Vulture- but that's $2 I saved on gas to hunt it )

    If anyone else spots Titaniums on major retailer sites for cheap, post 'em here!

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    Speaking of cheap Titaniums, when are the 2-packs or two for the price of one packs supposed to hit the stores? Did I miss them or are they yet to be released? And are they going to be exclusives? I wonder if they will have the older packaging. Even though I have a Galoob blue tie, I missed the Walmart single pack one and the Slave 1. Now I find out from your List Warstar, that there are slight variations.

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    2 for 1 packs? 2 packs? Haven't heard of them personally...

    Yeah, mini-variations abound. If you get the latest 5-pack with the Raw-Metal Falcon you can get your TIE Fighter (if you need one opened).

    The Slave 1 can be bought with the remaining 5-Pack version 2 on

    The Slave 1 in that pack has a slight variation from the Wave 1 version though (as far as canopy darkness is concerned). It's not as black as shown there but it is tinted very dark.

    Good luck!

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    I was searching and trying to remember where I saw them. I found the news in Rebelscum Archive, dated Dec. 21st. There are pictures. Looks like the vehicles are from the first Walmart wave. Searched RS forums and no one there seems to know when or where they might be released, though I would assume it would be Walmart. Sorry, I don't know how to post the link, as I am a novice at the computer.

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    Here's a tasty tidbit. While I was ordering The 22 inch Neca Balrog at AFX Action Figure Xpress (they had the best price) I was browsing the Star Wars section. They had cases of the Titaniums for 46.99. Now that beats the retail price and also the 71.99 price at EE. They had wave 5 for pre-order. Has anyone dealt with these guys? (AFX) Seems too good to be true. Hope I don't get took on the Balrog. Thinking about ordering a wave 5 case, but wanted to check to see if anyone had a bad experience with them.

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    Cut and paste the link to them in your web browser in a reply here...this sounds interesting.

    I've been eye-balling that Balrog for a long time, too, but $100? And no guarantee release yet? Argh.

    Can't justify it...yet

    EE has good pics of the waves though.

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    Here's the link:

    My God those prices ARE almost too good to be true!

    I wish I had a credit card free!


    I'd order their wave "U" and "L" personally...

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    Their prices on the full cases of Titanium Ultras are also a deal, while the price for half-cases of the Ultras are not, so I'm guessing they are accurate prices for the Titanium Series 3" but I wouldn't expect it to stay that way. I've also never dealt with AFX so I have no idea if they're ok or not.
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    AFX has been around for years, they had another name but changed it about five or so years ago, anyways, I've bought from them many times and have never had a problem. I never even thought to check them for the Titaniums before I was stupid enough to order from Oh well, hopefully next time I remember, .


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    KB had the last laugh.

    They ran out of Vultures and cancelled that part of my order...

    Oh well- I wanted the Vader TF and that lamp anyway...

    Now off to hunt the Vulture Droid...again...still...


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