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    An estimation, perhaps?
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    I hope they have more than the first four waves on display at the NY Toy Fair. I kind of doubt that there'll be 80 . . .
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    80 is NOT happening at my house. I don't care how many they release.

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    I believe that they will end up with 80 figures. Take a look at all the figures we have right now:

    Wave 1: 6 figures
    Wave 2: 6 figures
    Wave 3: 8 figures
    Wave 4: 10 figures

    That will quickly become 80 as the year progresses.

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    Wave 4 has a lot of re-issues in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Wave 4 has a lot of re-issues in it.
    That's how they'll get 80 figures. They never said 80 NEWfigures. Considering the pace of the waves' releases thus far, I can see there being enough for 80 figures (especially if they count multi-packs and exclusives)
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    Hopefully we'll get most of our questions about this answered at TF.
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    i hope they release different types of clones.

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    I hope 80 is a complete count for the year - including the repacks, exclusives, vehicle pack-ins, etc. That would be easier to stomach (and afford).


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