View Poll Results: Do you see yourself dramatically scaling back your Star Wars collecting for 2006?

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  • No, I'll be shopping like I'd always been, the new stuff looks good.

    117 19.57%
  • No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.

    162 27.09%
  • Yes, I'm not buying half of what they plan to release.

    123 20.57%
  • Yes, I'm not buying 75% or more of what's coming out there.

    144 24.08%
  • Yes. I'm quitting. Been there, done that.

    52 8.70%
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    It was Tycho's option, I thought of "a lot" as more than half, I guess you have to define it for yourself.
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    I voted less than 75% of what's out there. I passed on 11 out of 14 figures already released. I'm not buying Squash-leashed, Custom Clod-hoppers, or Transworthless.

    I guess I'll buy the Lucas family. I really only want George, but I can use them all in dioramas. I also think I'll get the EE astromech packs.

    I bought the SS Obi-Wan and Kit (but I really think we're talking Hasbro here). I think I regret not going for Anakin before.

    MR has not released the DM Sabers yet. But I'll be getting 2 of those.

    I never was a Lego SW collector or into GG, Koto stuff, Mediacom, etc.

    It will sure feel weird, but I'm going to start getting into having more money.
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    I'll be buying less than 75% of the Hasbro junk but I WILL be buying 100% of the Sideshow figures and the occassional Master Replicas prop.

    Finally I can pick and choose what I want to collect instead of having it overwhelm my finances!

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    No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot

    I've noticed over the last year or two I've really scaled back and I'm actually missing items now. It's been totally inadvertant but it's there nonetheless. I really want to keep spending as I like buying new stuff but of late there really hasn't been much to get me excited except for the new TSC stuff. ROTS really turned me off for some reason. I think the main fact for that was that we got all ROTS figures for about 8 months straight and I don't recall getting all AOTC or TPM toys for that long of a stretch.
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    I voted less than half, but that would only be Hasbro stuff (and even then probably more like less than %75). Figuring in the fact that I ONLY collect 3 3/4" figures and pack-ins with ships that really scales my collection back. The only other thing Hasbro does that even remotely looks interesting are the titanium vehicles... but I've even passed those up so far.

    No sideshow, no Koto, no MR, no Kubricks etc. The large line of Unleashed may catch my attention if they truly do bring it back... but outside of that just the basic figures and other 3 3/4" figures (Lucas family, astromechs).

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    No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot. About the only new I collect these day are the SW Lego set. And I do pick and choose which sets I get.

    Vintage is another story. When I find something I like I'll go after it, but it's highly unpredictable.
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    I selected not buying 75% of what they release.

    I have never bought a high percentage of a certain figure line, except the POTJ line which I have one of every figure. With the other lines, I am not even close.

    Still lately, I would say that I have spent maybe 10 - 20% less than I have been paying for Star Wars normally. This makes my wallet fatter, my room less full of clutter, but me a little more disappointed, since I am always searching for unique figures and finds but am finding less and less lately.
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    not buying 75%!!!!! i only got 3 figs from the 1st 2 waves. not going to buy extras like i used too. still got the extras taking up space, love to do ssg trades with them though. i used to be a completist, but refuse to buy most resculps anymore. i am a carded collector, but am not displaying them so whats the use of having 4 different carded versions of the pit of carkoon? the price ****es me off too. will always buy the unique figures that are carded nicely. bring on the unleashed han and shock. some of the upcoming saga figures are just too cool to pass on. bring them on too. another problem (my personal issue) is that i have to starcase every darn figure i buy (that adds about 1.40 to each figure).

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    For several reasons I am scaling way way back. Kebcos demise (I was a one of every figure club member), difficulty with finding the "exclusive" figures in 2005 (sorry, not willing to pay $50 for the lava vader on ebay), tired of repaint/kit bashed figures. I plan to buy figures of characters I do not already have and also the titanium ships (that were not previously released). Should also help appease the wife with the lower spending (I picked up most ROTS at the $4.99 price point - so higher prices also a factor). I already open most figures due to limited storage space, so skipping figures will help there as well.


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    In my past experience as poll editor, I've noticed that the poll percentages usually hold pretty steady after 100 votes or so keeping with the same pattern up to even 1000+.

    What we're witnessing here folks is alarming in that only 1/4 of the usually enthusiastic crowd is really gung-ho for 2006. (BTW I thought ROTS was great and the products were awesome)

    But 3/4 or more of the SW crowd here is burning out on collecting many items.

    As I've said before, don't sell what you've got. Learn to enjoy it even if you don't want to add new things to the pile. You'll eventually want to get specific things, as do I.
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