View Poll Results: Do you see yourself dramatically scaling back your Star Wars collecting for 2006?

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  • No, I'll be shopping like I'd always been, the new stuff looks good.

    117 19.57%
  • No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.

    162 27.09%
  • Yes, I'm not buying half of what they plan to release.

    123 20.57%
  • Yes, I'm not buying 75% or more of what's coming out there.

    144 24.08%
  • Yes. I'm quitting. Been there, done that.

    52 8.70%
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    No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.

    I said I would be cutting back, but have bought every figure so far this year. I dont want them all, but so far they have been cool remakes. I cant pass up a Vader figure and I didnt have a sensorscoped R2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    In my past experience as poll editor, I've noticed that the poll percentages usually hold pretty steady after 100 votes or so keeping with the same pattern up to even 1000+.

    What we're witnessing here folks is alarming in that only 1/4 of the usually enthusiastic crowd is really gung-ho for 2006. (BTW I thought ROTS was great and the products were awesome)

    But 3/4 or more of the SW crowd here is burning out on collecting many items.
    I think your math is off, nearly half said "No" they weren't dramatically scaling back, that they were buying all or "a lot". I think the closer a poll is, such as this one, the less likely the numbers will hold steadily after 100 votes, I bet the percentages fluctuate strongly till at least 250 on this one (unless it runs out of gas tomorrow).
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    I'll being buying as many figures as usual, but I've never been a completist - just variations. Most of my acquisitions are from trades or the secondary market.
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    Picking and choosing, but buying alot!
    I don't think I will buy every figure to have carded, as I have in the past. With the excepton of few hard to finds I have all figs carded since 95 (as well as most all loose) with the excepion of the Phantom line as I only have those loose. I picked up all the OTC line because the packages looked so good despite a ton of repaints. I will only get new figs, or figs with significant resculpts, or repaints that weren't availble single carded (ie. Barada, C-3po Battle droid, Reinken)
    I have all Action Fleet boxed, and MM loose, but am have resisted the Titanium line since its introduction.
    I have picked up the Tater line though, as well as Mpire, Attactix, and Galactic Heroes. So even tough I am not buying EVERY action figure, or some lines like Force Battlers, I have picked up a few new lines.
    And Heaven help us with the Sideshow 12" and Bust Ups. I am still VERY much addicted to Most things Star Wars!

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    I'm done collecting figures aside from Clones or Stormies. Its just too hard and too much work to collect them. Plus I'm not big on the Saga line.

    What I will collect is the AT-AT when its released, other cool vehicles, MR helmets (clone, stormy, boba), 12" figs (some custom, some sideshow), and some sabers (some custom, some MR or other). Lately I've been more about props/replicas than the figures and toys. Its just more fun to collect and display the props/replicas.

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    I stopped my major collecting back in 2001. I'll pick up real cool exclusives(they have to be REALLY!!!!! COOL, in order for me to buy them). And whatever Cantina and Jabba's Palace figs come out.
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    I'm still buying all the figures, the occasional lego set, and maybe a power f/x saber or two. I may reevaluate after R5-d4 comes out. That's the last major figure I wanted. So far though, I'm excited about all the figures except the Neimoidian and the bug people from Geonosis (actually, that entire wave minus scorch and the clone trooper kind of stinks.) The rest look really good though in my opinion. The custom choppers, transformers, and battlepacks can sit on the shelf for the kiddies for all I care.

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    I have already informed my boss that I need a raise to support my growing Star Wars Habit or I will have to find a new job. It is great to be in a profession that pays so well and is so short-handed.

    Cutting back?

    Not a chance between Heaven and Hell.

    It is much more likely that aside from continuing my normal buying on non-army builder figures, I will ramp up my buying of the army builders. And I have no intention of missing any of the Sideshow 12". I am even trying to figure out a way to get the exclusive Luke that is selling for 200.00 on ebay without losing out on the extra money.

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    i picked "buying half"...that's about right....i'll get the troopers and such for army building,and i'll get the secondary characters that interest me like veers,derlin,etc...i won't pick up any of the main many more anakin's,kenobi's,and solo's could i need? so i AM scaling back...not completely,but i'm buying nowhere near what i did last year....

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    Exclusives stink!!

    I like the looks of a lot of the new stuff (although I'm not happy about the lack of articulation on certain characters), but access to the product might slow me down! If something's an online exclusive, it's usually to expensive and I miss out. With the large amount of TRUs closing I'm afraid of them getting exclusives. Wal-Mart and Target exclusives don't bother me so much. Wal-Mart at least keeps the price down, and if something lasts long enough at Target they'll mark it down drastically. But . . . not every Wal-Mart gets their own exclusives, and I'll never forget how the first Target clone exclusive went nuts! I'll buy whatever is decent (that means no red paint Christmas Vader) that they put within my reach.
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