View Poll Results: Do you see yourself dramatically scaling back your Star Wars collecting for 2006?

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  • No, I'll be shopping like I'd always been, the new stuff looks good.

    117 19.57%
  • No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.

    162 27.09%
  • Yes, I'm not buying half of what they plan to release.

    123 20.57%
  • Yes, I'm not buying 75% or more of what's coming out there.

    144 24.08%
  • Yes. I'm quitting. Been there, done that.

    52 8.70%
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    Picking and Choosing.

    I'm going from buying $6K worth of stuff last year to a planned budget of $4K. So for me it's a 33% decrease, but still alot of stuff...
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    pickin and choosing!!!..mostly new figs and army builders.

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    I cut my buying habits a lot in 2005 before ROTS hit so I don't see myself cutting back now. The new figures look good and with all of the new sculpts coming out this year I'm pretty excited. The extended lines may get boring to me. I'm already getting less excited about the Titanium lines. So those may fall to the wayside if anything.
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    I voted "Picking and Choosing."

    I will definitely be getting most of if not all of the basic action figures. I'm not real big into collecting vehicles and sets (because of their cost and the amount of space they take up) so I'll be leaving out quite a bit of merchandise. However, I'll still be spending a lot.
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    Well first, I have scaled down dramacticly since I stopped beinga carded collector, also I no longer look for the variations. Right now I am only looking for the new ones like veers derlin and cody.

    I still army build a little, as I want at least 2-3 Cody's and about 6 of scorch.
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    I don't really buy that much as it is, so I'm not buying 75% or more.
    The Spudtrooper was the first SW toy I've bought since...probably the BK toys.
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    Well, it changed a little but essentially stayed the overall same, the current results are split almost down the middle, with 53.5% collectors saying they're cutting down to half or less. I wonder how true this will hold in 6 months or so.
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    If it's a repack I'm passing

    Barada...left him...I have him in the three pack.

    I may leave Reiken, Veers...although hes not "seeable" in the AT AT so I might buy him.

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    I wouldnt leave Veers, although I have the AT-AT one, it is a much better sculpt, plus it has the armor. You can double him as an imperial officer as well.
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    picking and choosing ...

    Now I'm only collecting ones that I like. Which means only a few of the basic size and all galactic heroes.

    I think it's more important to like something that to collect EVERYTHING.

    all the other lines of star wars stuff doesn't float my boat, even though some of it does look good.


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