View Poll Results: Do you see yourself dramatically scaling back your Star Wars collecting for 2006?

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  • No, I'll be shopping like I'd always been, the new stuff looks good.

    117 19.57%
  • No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.

    162 27.09%
  • Yes, I'm not buying half of what they plan to release.

    123 20.57%
  • Yes, I'm not buying 75% or more of what's coming out there.

    144 24.08%
  • Yes. I'm quitting. Been there, done that.

    52 8.70%
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    Do you see yourself dramatically scaling back Star Wars collecting for 2006?

    With the Star Wars movies firmly behind us and nothing major new scheduled for this year, Star Wars collecting moves into a new phase, changing focus a little, adding more repaints, raising the price of basic figures, and covering more figures which have already been done in the modern age. With so many of the characters and costumes of the movies being released, some might feel that they've seen it all in collecting, that it's "done" to them as they have all they want, that this is the final spin-cycle before the machine shuts down, perhaps Star Wars collecting is losing interest to them -- others, naturally, disagree and feel that there is still life to Star Wars collecting. In many ways, the future of this SW collecting hobby depends on how well the licensees can keep interest this year.

    This week's poll asks voters to honestly look at the situation and vote how they feel collecting is looking to them in '06.

    thanks to Tycho for the poll idea.

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    I think I know how you voted, JT

    I'm buying waaaaaaaaay less than 75% of what's coming out. Truth be told, I'll be shocked if I buy more than a couple figures and the oddball thing (Potato heads, etc.) here and there.
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    I scaled back my normal collecting habits with the release of the ROTS line last year. The price increase really irked me, plus the ridiculous amount of figure exclusives (which I absolutely despise in any figure line) led me to severely curtail my collecting habits in '05.

    I will probably buy figures of characters never before released and the occasional Titaniums vehicle(s) from the OT.

    I will also continue buying Star Wars LEGO sets.
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    I'm at a point where something really has to wow me to buy it. So far I've only seen the Tatooine wave in stores. I thought for sure I would buy the Han in carbonite (Ironically, when I started collecting again in '96 it was only going to be for Han figs, that changed quickly). I am not even interested in it as I already have 2 Han in Carbonite (POTF and Jabba's pallace diorama). The only one I may pick up is Bib Fortuna as I never got one in the past. I was hoping to get an Anakin ROTS starfighter at some point, but I think I waited too long and missed the boat, which I am ok with. The only ROTS vehicle I got was the exclusive Obi Wan starfighter on sale. I will likely spend less than $100 on Star Wars this year.

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    I voted that "I'm picking and choosing but still buying a lot."

    I scaled back my Hasbro toy purchases quite a bit during the ROTS line and will continue to support the basic figure assortment and the occasional vehicle (when they aren't repaints) through the SAGA line. Beyond that most of my SW collecting will be focused on statues and mini-busts from companies like Gentle Giant, Sideshow and Attakus.
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    I voted, "No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot." but I don't think that I would use "a lot" to describe how much I might buy. I'm simply gonna be picking and choosing, and buying... some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo1138
    I think I know how you voted, JT
    Whatever do you mean?

    I voted for "No, I'm picking and choosing, but I'll still plan on buying a lot.", but the reality is my situation is sorta similar to Ji'dai's, I already scaled back my SW collecting some last year due to the price increase, so I'm staying on-par with that.
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    I voted half as I'm concentrating on OT figures so my purse (I said purse) will have more money.
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    She said 'purse.

    I voted for half, but it would probably be a little less. In terms of the toys, I'm pretty much only buying items never before made (unless they are vast improvement over previous issues), with the exception of the CW gunship. That said, spending may still be significant, as my tastes have been evolving: Spending more for SS 12", the different offereings from GG, MR and Code 3.
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    I selected buying less than 75%. I've reached a point in life where there a far more important things in life to be spending money on, as the thrill of collecting is wearing off. I'll still pick upthe unique figures, and new characters that haven't been made yet, so long as they're from the movie (no Scorch for me). With so many repaints coming out this year, I refuse to buy the same figure yet again, something I might have done in my completist days, as I did when I bought every minor variant of the main characters in the later waves of Ep. I.


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