With the Star Wars movies firmly behind us and nothing major new scheduled for this year, Star Wars collecting moves into a new phase, changing focus a little, adding more repaints, raising the price of basic figures, and covering more figures which have already been done in the modern age. With so many of the characters and costumes of the movies being released, some might feel that they've seen it all in collecting, that it's "done" to them as they have all they want, that this is the final spin-cycle before the machine shuts down, perhaps Star Wars collecting is losing interest to them -- others, naturally, disagree and feel that there is still life to Star Wars collecting. In many ways, the future of this SW collecting hobby depends on how well the licensees can keep interest this year.

This week's poll asks voters to honestly look at the situation and vote how they feel collecting is looking to them in '06.

thanks to Tycho for the poll idea.