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    What foods make your stomach retaliate?

    I'm sitting here with a stomach ache, like someone just plopped down and decided to use it as a seat! I realize it's because I ate EGGS. I knew I shouldn't because I knew hurt me bad and maybe worse later on tonight, but they just looked so good. So I'm just wondering, who else has a temperamental stomach and what kind of food just doesn't fit?

    Fast food (of any kind)
    Iceberg lettuce

    I'm sure there's more. I'll post 'em as soon as I eat 'em and my stomach retaliates.
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    Taco Bell and sauerkraut make my butt retaliate.

    I don't have a super weak stomach, so unless food is just flat out BAD I'm usually in pretty good shape.
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    I spent two days testing my banana = upset stomach theory. Wake up, eat a banana, some time later I felt like a food baby needed to be born but it wasn't coming. I tried this about six times over those two days, so I'm pretty certain bananas and I will no longer be friends.
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    I can't take vitamin/mineral suppliments that have iron, it makes me throw up, so if I eat too much spinach (it has to be a lot, like 3 salad's worth), I start to feel queasy. As I get older, I am having a harder time digesting dairy products and they sometimes give me painful gas. I hope I don't become lactose intolerant, but it does run in my family - my mother also has a food sensitivity to wheat which is in nearly everything, so I *really* hope I don't get that.
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    I have an iron stomach--the only thing that will make me queasy is my dad's homemade spaghetti sauce. I don't know all the ingredients, but it's watery and he puts in a witch's brew of spicy stuff and peppers. It does almost as much torture to my stomach as swallowing a tack would. The good news it is guaranteed to stop constipation.
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    My stomach can take just about anything (assuming I'm not allergic to it), but large quantities of cheese (as in a 1/2 burger with 3 slices of cheese and a few generous squirts of liquid cheese) is h-e-double-l on my colon.

    Also, eating almost exclusively BK for several weeks to get a bunch of toys is h-e-double-l on my colon, too.
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    The thing that makes my stomach go is vegetables. No vegetable in particular but ALL of them, except for potatos, raw carrots, and corn on the cob but not in the can and that's IT. Strange I know but is it any different than someone being a vegetarian?
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    vinegarry foods as steamed crabs go though me quickly. the leftover frozen and reheated chili i had tonight is not feeling to good though. eating cheaply dosen't seem to pay off, does it?

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    Well any food really. I have diverticulitus, which basically means I could eat the same food for 6 weeks in a row and be fine, then the next day I have it bad. It sucks, butI eat what I want because it can happen at anytime and if it is going to hurt, I might as well enjoy it going in.
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    I use to have a pretty hardy stomach, but after getting giardia in college I was left with sensitive tummy. Iceberg lettuce is the one thing I that cause problems. Which is ok because I've always hated the stuff. Nothing else comes to mind because I've never seen a pattern with other foods.

    Although not a food, any herbal supplements with golden rod is a no-no for me. 18 to 20 hours after take the stuff I get a nose bleed. I'm prone to nose bleeds and anything that helps cause them is on the do not take list.

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    - my mother also has a food sensitivity to wheat which is in nearly everything, so I *really* hope I don't get that.
    Mine too. She just found this out about 2 years ago and is a huge pain. I tend to take after my mom (more than my dad), so I'm real worried this could happen to me. But I have yet to have had any of the symptoms she could, so I'm hopeful.
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