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    San jose/bay area finds!!

    funny that there isnt a bay area thread in im starting one since im live in san jose. heres a quick run down of what i found so far:


    carkoon wave
    hoth wave(no vader though)
    all unleashed
    all titanium

    remnants of carkoon and hoth

    this reconnosaince is a week old since i picked up everything i wanted so more updates will follow soon

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    Not much to report in the Santa Cruz / Salinas area. It seems scalpers have picked all Targets, WalMarts, & TRUs clean. I was lucky enough to get the Hoth wave a few weeks ago. Haven't seen anything new since then. I'll post something as soon as I find anything new.

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    no activity at all the stores ive been to. still waiting for the geonosis wave to hit.

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    Happened to be in San Jose this morning. Found 90% of the Geonosis wave at Target off Blossom Hill & Walmart off Blossom Hill. Of course there was no Scorch to be found. I'm quite sure all the scalpers and army builders are grabbing those whenever they can. (Oddly enough, I was at Wondercon this last weekend, and I didn't see any of the Geonosis Wave at any dealer booths.)

    As far as Santa Cruz and Salinas go ... I have yet to see ANY new figures at ANY store in the last 3 months. No surprise to me. Scalpers are everywhere around here.

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    Lucked out today. Stopped at the Watsonville Target and asked an employee if they could see if they had any more SW figures in the back. They brought a fresh box out and I have finally completed the Geonosis wave (I just needed Scorch and the orange clone).

    I'm not a scalper or a troop builder. I just get one of each.

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    nice score!! ..maybe ill try that this weekend and have the same result.

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    i finally seen the remnants of the goenosis wave at the capital target today. minus scorch and yellow clone of course. toys r us did have some veers, a power droid, and reiken for 4.99. looks like the geo wave is finally hitting the targets.


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