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    To collect or not to collect?

    Is there anyone else who is somewhat discouraged with the collecting altogether?

    I have been collecting since the original Kenner 12 and haven't stopped since.

    But now I feel like maybe this is the time to call it a day.

    I have 6 items on my vintage do not have list (Yes Vlix is one of them)

    6 items on my POTF2 List

    12 items on the Ep I list

    30 POTJ open items (granted some of these may not have hit the shelves yet)

    But the list just keeps growing of things that have never been made available to me as a collector and am I ready to deal with the same thing with the same stuff for episode II?

    Is anyone else thinking that the time might be right for them to cease collecting?

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    Yes, this is the question. The Episode II figures are discouraging as hell. I'll probably pick up a few. But not many.

    I decided if Hasbro continued to make stupid looking Episode II figures, I would go on hiatus and work on filling a few gaps in my collection and do some army building.

    Episode II figures suck way to much to not think about quitting.
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    I'm with the two of you on this one. I will probably only get a couple of the figures from each collection. As it stands, MOST of the sculpts leave much to be desired. The wide-legged stance has drawn quite a few snickers from my non-collector co-workers. The Tusken Female isn't so bad, nor is the Zam Wessell. I'm not too keen on the other ones on the whole. If Hasbro thinks this is what we want, they can keep them.
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    Perhaps wait on a decision like this until you have actually seen the figure up close...
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    Aw, gee...

    I love it when you post those cryptic messages, Sir Steve!

    Still... I'll have to pass on the wide-leggers. They are just too silly. I will, however, keep your words in mind. I know YOU know what you are talking about!
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    I agree with SirSteve, I said the same thing in one of the other topics. If they are nasty looking when I see them I might only get the ones I'm really interested in, such Dooku and Jango. I really want to see a picture of Dooku!
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    Ok... this is my plan - I am going to save up some extra cash to take along with me to midnight madness. I will get the stuff I like and pass on the stuff that sucks - which from the looks of things alot of stuff sucks. But I want to have that extra cash so that I know I can get the stuff that I might actually like or think is cool.

    By the way... do all TRUs do the midnight thing ??
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    When the POTFII started coming out, I personally found it hard to not want any of the stuff that came out(after the he-man guys stopped, anyways). After awhile the line started to get real inconsistent-like, though, and I made the tough decision to actually EVALUATE each figure on a case by case basis, rather than just simply require every piece that came out. It was tough, but once the "need beyond reason" subsided, I found that when a crummy figure came out, I could just chuckle and be glad that I didn't "have" to buy it. I still feel a thrill when a figure is perfectly rendered, and so I expect to be quite happy with at least some of the AOTC figures, and I'll get them accordingly. To everyone freaking out about how bad the (unfinished)(incomplete) line of figures is, Chill!! If all the figures are all terrible, and NO ONE buys ANY of em, you can bet heads will roll somewhere's, and the next attempt will be the total opposite of what little we've seen so far (and don't bet we've seen too much of anything just yet) Wooooo!!

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    Well so far they look crap to me, but I know I'll end up buying them, although I'am on the edge of quitting not really just cause of the figures, but the way Hasbro obviously doesn't give a care about what it's doing as long as it can make an easyier buck.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    Well so far they look crap to me, but I know I'll end up buying them,
    Same here,Even though I dont really need some of them at all,I'll probably end up buying them all,At the present time Im going to collect just the vehicles cause they look way better than the figures we've seen
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